Thursday, 3 September 2009

From the vaults (an occasional series) - Launchcast Radio

For those of you who aren't aware of this, Yahoo Messenger has a built-in music streaming facility from Launchcast. In general, this is a conceptually brilliant product, because they not only play stuff that you like and rate, they also suggest music based on your existing ratings. So you get to hear a lot of music that you already know and love, and you also get some stuff you didn't know. You can ban utter shit, or skip a song if you're not in the mood for it. Or you can add stuff to things that you like and want to hear again.

All good so far.

However, like so many other cuntards on the internet, they have taken a lovely free service and stuffed advert breaks into it, about one advert every three songs. You can't skip the adverts, and if you start the service, the first thing that plays is an ad, so there is no real way of avoiding them. Also fair enough, I guess. But here's the rub:

They only ever advertise one fucking thing for a month on end. So every three songs, I get subjected to a bunch of COCKSUCKING FUCKTARDED SCOUSE CUNTS wittering on about either some fucking slag who is cheating on her boyfriend, or some fucking slag who is bitching about her boyfriend's ex, or some fucking slags blathering on about their fucking drug-crazed slatterny on Ibiza.

Look, launchcast -- it's a great service, and I can put up with the ads, but FUCKING ADVERTISE MORE THAN ONE THING YOU COCKMUNCHING FUCKTARDS!!!

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David said...

Check out

microdave said...

Sounds like Radio Caroline when the only advert they carried was for holidays in Gozo....