Thursday, 23 December 2010

A thought on charity

It seems that twats are all in a tizz about another charity being deprived of government funding. In this case, it's a "library outreach" program called "Bookstart"is having its funding cut completely. Predictably, tiresome leftie tossers are filling my twatting timeline with pompous drivel about how vital reading is and shit of this nature.

Well, you fucking cuntards, why weren't you screaming at the Labour government's brutal gutting of educational standards which means that 20 fucking percent of UK kids can't read when they leave primary school? That was done on your watch by the party that most of you fucking cocksuckers venerate!

It's particularly tiresome to see "impartial Labour supporters" getting exercised about this shit.

This is something that frequently grinds my gears with the professionally aggrieved. If some fucker is taking money extorted with menaces, then it's definitely not a fucking charity. Any fucking organisation that suckles at the teat of the state will never, ever get a fucking penny off me voluntarily, no matter how worthy the cause, nor how small the suckling.

But the fact that some cunting thing is dressed up as a charity doesn't mean shit. If I set up a business to pay me a fat fucking salary for doing some notional thing, I can register it as a charity and as long as it doesn't make a profit, it's all fine. No fucking tax, see? No VAT, no fucking diddly, so I can pay myself a nice big, fat salary. OK, so that gets taxed, but I can manage that in exchange for not paying any other taxes. Sweet deal.

Also, just being registered as a charity also doesn't mean fucking shit. Even things which used to be real charities are now just part of the corporatist, bullying, hectoring nanny state (NSPCC, RSPCA, ASH, Alcohol Concern, et al -- I'm fucking looking at you cunts!)

But of course, there's another dimension to this:

If a charity can't survive by good will alone then it deserves to fail -- it is taking resources from where they could be better used.

If charities can't survive without government money, it means that society at large doesn't value what they're doing, noble as it may be (or fucking not!) So, scale down your ambitions, or close down and let someone else get the benefit of charity to a level that society rates higher.

Stop seeing the survival of your particular charity as vital to the functioning of society as a whole. It either isn't or your disappearance will wake society up. Either way, you're more of a fucking hindrance than a help.


Dioclese said...

I think my views on charity have been well aired - and I get a lot of shit over it.

Did you know that there are more charities than there are days in the year? And they all knock on my door at Christmas. Only yesterday the poor bloody copper blinded my the arch cunt Roaul Moat announced he was starting one for wounded officers. Sorry, mate, but I thought it was called the Police Benevolent Fund?

Only yesterday a fucking chugger knocked on my door waving a Direct Debit mandate. I said "Are you from Age UK?" "No" he replied "In that case you are clearly not here to give me money, so fuck off"

He called me a miserable old cunt. Fair enough. Probably pissed off at not getting his commission...

Anonymous said...

My MP seems to think it's fine for the Government to hand over £billions of "Charity" as overseas aid. It clearly hasn't sunk in that it's not been donated voluntarily, but extracted by force...

Joseph Takagi said...


Real charities are part of the competitive free market. The hospice near me gets money from me because they do a great job. Likewise the RNLI and the Salvation Army.

Fake charities are really nothing but quangos in drag. They get money from government, almost entirely employ (rather than have volunteers) and deliver little of any fucking worth.

Anonymous said...

20 fucking percent of UK kids can't read when they leave primary school?

I think the 20 percent illiteracy relates to kids who leave high school,not primary twat.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Who's the fucking twat?

John Demetriou said...

A fucking excellent piece, loved every bit of it, and every bit true.

Please keep on blogging this stuff.

And have a good Christmas.

ReefKnot said...

Dead right Obo,

Too many so-called charities rely on money from Government, Local Government and Quangos. Which means they are taking money from you and me, without my agreement. I give to real charities like RNLI, local Hospices, Salvation Army and the Scout movement. If an organisation calling itself a charity cannot survive on goodwill and donations from private individuals then it does not deserve to survive. Especially those who have appointed "Chief Executive Officers" and who spend their time trying to change people's behaviour. They can fuck off, big time.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Interesting stuff, Your Grace...I mean Your Royal Clowness...I mean, cough, cough...ahem....Now, where was I? Ah yes, chariddees. Sorry, too much mulled wine...

I've lost all faith in them and don't donate to any now, unless I know for certain that they don't get any public funding. I know I'm not the only one.

Merry Christmas to you and yours and I hope we will be hearing more from you in 2011.

PS I notice that you've obtained praise from JD in this post. Now steady on, dear Clown. You don't want the world to know that you've made up and are now the best of friends. It was so much more entertaining when you were having a fight. You should both sign up for Eastenders.

Just Woke Up said...

Precisely. All these fake charities do is make people suspicious of all charities, even the genuine ones. That is fucking criminal in my view. Also about as morally reprehensible as it gets.

I stopped giving to the RSPCA years ago over their limp-wristed, politically driven refusal to condemn halal slaughter. Seems that cruelty is fine if its done in the name of allah. I now donate to a local shelter run by volunteers who do a marvellous job under difficult circumstances - oh, and who are not afraid to voice their opinions on halal meat...or anything else.

Charity also doesn't mean chasing ca$h. Donate time or expertise or whatever can be just as useful. I do this frequently when I see a worthy cause.

Fake charities? Cunts the lot of them, and put Common Purpose at the top of the list. Uber-tax dodging slimy Cunts!

Have a good Christmas mate and hope the New Year brings all you wish for (long list!). More clown bile like this please.....

Anonymous said...

Obo I do miss your blogging you cunt.