Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Hissy fit

Ooh, ducky!

Lord Mandelson, the UK Business Secretary, has launched a no-holds barred attack during a trip to the United States on Starbucks boss Howard Schultz over the British economy.

Mr Schultz, chief executive of troubled coffee store giant Starbucks, had earlier told television business network CNBC, that "the concern for us is Western Europe and specifically the UK. The UK is in a spiral".

The UK's Business Secretary, who was on a one-day trip to New York, then added: "How the hell are they doing?" The remark was a clear reference to the recent economic troubles of Starbucks, which has announced the closure of nearly 1,000 unprofitable stores in recent months.

Oh dear, Lord Mandelsnake of Sleazypool and Hoy in the Cunty of Herefordshire, I think you'll find that Starbucks in the UK are taking a beating because of the Gorgon's economic competence, and as such, your government's to blame for that. So I think Howie is quite entitled to be shitting himself about your ineptitude.

Asked later about the comments, a clearly furious Lord Mandelson responded to the Telegraph: "Why should I have that guy running down the country?

Because he's right, you cretin.

Who the ---- is he?"

He's someone who's managed to create a world-wide brand out of a single coffee shop and has had a real job that didn't depend on the schmoozing of Russian oligarchs or corrupt mortgage dealings.

Wedged Panties, earlier

Update: Ambush Predator agrees.

Update 2: The Daily Mash on the money, as ever!.


Sue said...

Sensitive little flower, isn't he?

Hacked Off said...

Stop being such a diplomat, Obnoxio.
Tell it straight.

The Penguin.

Catosays said...

Judging from that photo, I'd say his buttplug's leaking a tad.