Friday, 12 June 2009

Oh for God's sake!

Just when I think I've been maxed out, when this fucking cretinous bunch of cock-sniffing fucknuggets can't get any more fucking stupid, lo:

It's official: the government is today publishing a bill that will make child poverty illegal.

Now, given that children don't fucking legally have assets or the legal ability to earn income, it's a pretty fucking pointless objective. Jesus fucking Christ, bring back John Major and the Cones Hotline, Ed Bollocks hasn't got a fucking clue.

And the Prime Mentalist reckons this guy is an economic genius. No wonder we're fucked.


Timothy Wallace said...

And what's the punishment going to be? A fine?

Suitably, my word verification is 'slums'.

JuliaM said...

"...government will also be required to report to Parliament each year on progress, and to create a Child Poverty Commission to publish advice and encourage progress."

Wheeee! A Commision!

That'll fix everything. It always does. Right?

Dave H said...

This means the police will have to stop chasing 'normal' criminals and instead try and arrest, er..., who exactly?

Mitch said...

Soooooooo they just redefine what poverty means then move people from one side of the line to the other and bingo just like the mentalist has been doin for 12 yrs.Grrrrrr

jaydeeaitch said...


They want to trap the next government, which they expect to be Conservative, into either following this law OR repealing it.

Imagine their moral outrage if the Tories repeal it.

wv blogmeob. Lovely word.

Anonymous said...

wheres geldof , bono & sting and that when you need them ?
probably letting off silent farts so as not to ruin globolloX warming!

Sue said...

Considering they gave away 80% of their power to the EU, there's not alot left to legislate. I guess they have to look like they're doing something useful to justify those expenses!

Dr Evil said...

At university Balls was a young conservative. No balls you see.

john miller said...

I've never really understood this whole thing.

The BBC tell me it's defined as a child living in a household where the income is less than 2/3 of the national average.

If the range of household income is a ladder, whether you saw bits off the top or bottom, or add bits, there will always be some rungs that are 2/3 below the halfway point.

So, all you can say is that if you make the ladder shorter, there are fewer rungs below 2/3 of the halfway mark.

The only way to make the ladder shorter is to make it wider (unless you get rid some of the wood by making it emigrate).

So, when ministers talk about "eliminating child poverty", it is actually a self-defined impossibility.

To merely "reduce" it you take an enormous amount of money from the people who have it and give it to those who have less of it, so that we all have precisely the same amount.

But that has never, ever worked in the history of the human race.

And of course, most MPs, such as the Chancellor of the Exchequer, would rather we paid their taxes for them, which rather defeats the object.