Saturday, 10 July 2010

Manic depression

I've been struggling to work up the strength to blog for the last couple of days. I guess what I've come to realise is that despite all my claims that iDave and his merry bunch of cocksuckers would be the same, I was secretly, deep down, wishing that they wouldn't. I was really hoping that after the snot muncher had fucked off, things would get better.

And to be fair, iDave isn't quite as much of a monumental prick as Gordon. But crucially, he's not doing anything different to the last bunch of bullying fucks.

The LimpDumbs are showing no signs of being any more liberal than Mao Zedong.

Then of course, we have the endless shower of shit that is the Labour Party. It looks like the serial coward and Blair protegé David Militwat is going to be the next leader of Labour, so their continued corporatist, statist cuntishness is assured.

It's all so fucking depressing that I don't even want to think about it, let along fucking blog about it.

God help this cuntry.


Anonymous said...

I had much lower expectations. I think they're much much better than I expected. Really. And I'm even more of an extremist that you are. Or were at one point, since you seem to have embraced the AnCap / market anarchist position.

Really, look at Clegg's efforts tot do something like a great repeal. Or Gove's attempt to do a run around the LEA's / DOE or Lansley's getting rid of PCT' & SHA's.

None if this is perfect. But it's all a lot better than Brown. I prefer the Jailer who doesn't beat us.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Obo:

Miliwatt takes over in the autumn which means a real cunt will replace the organic one facing the Comlibradoodle on Wednesdays.

Deeply depressing.


ElsieAssap said...

At the moment I am waiting and hoping. I dont disagree that things are going to be and have to be tough. But looking at Nick Cleggs defeated hang dog face and the feable opposition I think we will have to deal with David Camerons smug 'I told you so' and 'Im only doing this for your on good.' for along time. We him pretty much free to do what he wants.

The fact is I feel like we are the children caught between two crap parents who fucked up and now we are having to suffer the aftermath of a dirty divorce!

And Daddy got the dog!

Ross said...

Have a wank, it always cheers me up.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

If I have a wank it cheers you up??

Ross said...

Yes, especially when it gets put up on YouTube-

Anonymous said...

We wonder who advises DC and NC
on the pub and club devastation
issue.Seems its the same bunch of
corporate funded twisters who
conned Blair and Brown,The
social infrastructure of my small town is almost dead, yet the Tory
top table cry freedom and lifting
dogmatic regulations.A note of
caution to the Tories,sort this
prison out or you will spend the
next few generations in the desert
Never mind the digital chatterers,
get some freedom on the table where we can see it.Last thing a
con-lib love-in needs is a couple of million grass roots stalwarts
losing faith.
Get freedom, pre 97 madel back
onboard or just be quiet.

Sort it Dave and Nick and quickly

Dun Waiting

Jill said...

Sympathies. I wonder if this is why Constantly Furious gave up - it's too depressing for words. People on the left were feeling the same by 1998. I truly don't think it matters who's in power - it's all the same crony capitalism. Only the colour of the curtains changes.

Joe Public said...

It could be worse. Labour could elect a Leader with at least one competence.

Kingbingo said...

I'm not happy with the mettle, and complain from within that they could go so much further. They are going to get shit from the usual suspects anyway so might as well really give the statists something to cry about.

I fear 3 defeats have crushed their radical zeal, but maybe after a term or two it will rekindle and they will really start getting the state down.

As for now it is either them or Brown, and that's as much to the debate as there is. Thank god Brown is gone. The very very worst that can happen now is the state creaps at a slow pace. But more likely it is kept in place while the rest of us move past it.

The state will be defeated not when the right leader is elected. But when the people themselves think of the state as a burdensome relic. An opinion well shared on these boards, but much less so by the average Britain. Each of us must do our bit to spread that message. Not sit at home crying about it, waiting for someone else to come along and 'give them' liberty.

Armchair libertarians, who make no attempt to do their bit, but moan that they have not been handed what they want = bunch of useless winging fucks.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

"Armchair libertarians, who make no attempt to do their bit, but moan that they have not been handed what they want = bunch of useless winging fucks."

Whereas tribal voters who would (and do!) vote for a dog turd with the appropriate colour of rosette are entirely blameless in this.

Aren't they, Kingbingo?

Peperbami's Mama said...

Obo @ 10 Jul 2010 18:26:00
Have one for me, too.

john miller said...

Take a few days off after changing your nationality tonight.

Relax and enjoy the benefits of being a Dutch football supporter:,news-7417.html

Obsidian said...

I can't see things changing.

All parties are in agreement that keeping the peasants in gilded cages means they won't revolt, the middle class are too comfortable and afraid of change and the top earners can afford the sort of accountants to ensure the top tax band is a minor irritant.

The media have varying agendas, none of which parallel anything Joe Public may desire because he's not a frumpy graduate with delusions of socialist paradises or a desire a suck on Uncle Diggers dick.

Blogs are islands of rage which matter little, except maybe to those suits - who also like to tell us which books we should like, what art we should approve of - when they feel like grabbing the zeitgeist and buggering it like it was a fruity Greek bird.

There was an episode of The Simpsons where it was discovered Burns body was a riddle of diseases, perfectly balanced and keeping each other in check thus keeping him alive.

That probably also describes our society...

Anonymous said...

Do not forget that drummer cunt from the manic street preachers?
He had it right!

Peperbarmi's Mama said...

davidncl has it right
Although one shouldn't forget Obo @ 10 Jul 2010 20:40:00

Up & Down said...

Hey, join the club. I'm also manic depressive.
Live (or die) with it.
It's fun (when up).
Girls (guys?) fall into your lap (& suck, if that's what you want).
The world is your oyster.
Down? Die, you bugger!
You know what I mean.

Peperbarmi said...

Obo said,

" It's all so fucking depressing that I don't even want to think about it, let along fucking blog about it."

Mmmmmm a lot of blogging is just hot air and repeating know knowns (present company excluded),maybe a more direct style would help bring about changes,posting contact links to those responsible, so bloggers can ask questions and demand answers which can then be posted.

Is it already being done and im missing it? duh!

Mitch said...

Go wave your penis extension at some chavs, works for me.

Kingbingo said...

Actually I wasn’t really including you. You at least are showing examples where the state is obsolete and bring it to the attention of hundreds (thousands maybe, I dunno). Which I love you for. Its when you get into your mindless bashing mode that I get irked because it achieves nothing.

And true tribalists sure. But personally I never miss an opportunity to influence from within and urge to go further.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

"Its when you get into your mindless bashing mode that I get irked because it achieves nothing."

Fuck you. You were quite happy when my mindless bashing was aimed at the other tribe.

"And true tribalists sure."

There is none so blind as he who will not see, eh?

"But personally I never miss an opportunity to influence from within and urge to go further."

Yeah, and very helpful that is, clearly.

Jesus. What colour is the sky on your planet? Are you really Iain Dale?

Fuck Peperbarmi's Mama said...

Stick with wanking - if you wash your hands you won't get an STD as you would from her.

Kingbingo said...

I was quite happy when you used to consider what you said, rather than closing your eyes and ears asking someone to whisper a problem into their armpit five rooms away where you would immediately declare the solution was anarchy.

Your capable of some quite brilliant deconstructions. But its your solutions that have become a little ideologically narrow lately.

If you can't explain why you might as well randomly name any ideology for the difference it makes.