Thursday, 4 September 2008

"Justice" from afar

Christ, the EU really are on a fucking roll today. Mind you, the government are the true cunts here:

The government has welcomed EU plans to allow British citizens to be tried in their absence in other member states.

Welcomed? WELCOMED? Come here you supine bunch of Euro-cock-suckers, and welcome a stick of dynamite up your rancid fucking arseholes.

British subjects could also be extradited automatically at the request of other EU states under the proposals.

WHAT?????????? You're not even going to run it by a fucking judge?

Ministers say it will prevent them fleeing to other member states to escape justice and increase co-operation between legal systems.

You can take your fucking Napoleonic legal system and shove it right up your fucking arses, you cunts. Jesus, did even Stalin ever try this shit on the Soviet bloc? Are these fucking Eurocrats insane?

And what the fucking fuck is this useless shower of fetid goat-shit of a government of ours doing, just acceding to this?

Give me George W and the Department of Homeland Security any day -- they're no match for the EUSSR ultra-fascists.


Anonymous said...


Sorry...I feel a bit better now.

Ever felt like blowing up the Houses of Parliament? It's not as if they're any use any more anyway, with us being governed mainly by the EU now.

Anonymous said...

The won't even need to charge you if they get their way.

Extradition for questioning:

If they let you go, you're in the wrong country and on your own.

Climate of fear, anyone?