Saturday, 25 October 2008

More Labour child abuse

Yet another glorious Balls-up:

Traditional lessons in history, geography, drama and music could be cut from primary schools amid fears timetables are too "cluttered".

Too cluttered? Too cluttered? What the fuckety fucking fuck are these cunts on about? I thought the whole idea was to expose young minds to lots of different things so that as they grew older they would have a broader background upon which to draw when deciding what to do with the rest of their lives.

This is too horrible for words. But it's no match for the unbridled horror of what will come in its place:

Under the move, schools would be encouraged to merge subjects together. It will give schools more time to explore themes such as healthy lifestyles, multiculturalism and personal development.

I can't think of a single thing that I've read that has horrified me more in a decade of watching how Labour's education policies have fucked up kids.

Listen you appalling motherfuckers, I don't want my kids to "explore themes", especially not on such egregious Labourite cockwaffle as "multiculturalism" or "personal development". I don't want my kids brainwashed with what the government of the day thinks is a "healthy lifestyle".

I want my kids to be taught about history so that they can learn from other people's mistakes and understand where their culture and lifestyle comes from. I want them to learn about the mechanics of the planet and other places so that they can spot Green cuntmongering and be aware that there are other interesting places to go and things to see. I'd even rather have them watch Simon Schama or David Attenborough than have some deathless ZNL apparatchik tell them how to live their fucking lives.

I accuse the Labour Party of being unspeakable fascists, dressing up their statist brainwashing in honeyed but meaningless words like "multiculturalism", "social justice" and "child poverty".

You have been sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, GO!


Anonymous said...

By 'Time tables are cluttered', Clockwork Orange Balls means 'There's too much learning and not enough indoctrination going on.'

There's no point learning history yet. The Labour party haven't finished rewriting it.

There's no need to learn biology or chemistry or physics or geography or any of that stuff. Just watch the news. Righteous experts will explain it in simple terms. There can be no dissent if nobody else knows the facts. What a peaceful world Labour are creating. No riots, no protests, no arguments, no thought.

There's a whole generation of simpletons coming out of school now. If it isn't fixed soon, there'll be nobody to put it right because the real teachers will all have retired, and we'll be left with classes conducted in text speak, with random spelling and syntax.

Maths will be taken by O'Brien, who will demonstrate how 2+2 sometimes equals five, and sometimes three, and sometimes four. Sometimes all at once, depending on what the Party says.

All science subjects will merge into Green Studies, again with a curriculum that varies with the Party line.

Soon, schools will be no more than training camps for new Party members. If they aren't already.

Prodicus said...

All started with the marxoid Kids Lib wing (what am I saying... 'wing'? FFS!...scrub that) of the NUT insisting that school children of all ages be called 'students' (scholars who study without supervision) instead of 'pupils' (know-nothings who are taught). First, corrupt the language...

Anonymous said...

Sometimes i read things like this and think someone is having me on.

Then I realise they are not.


I'm keeping links to all this 'shit' and it will be packaged up with my copy of 1984 and sent to the human shaped cunt who is my MP on the 5th


John Pickworth said...

This is horrific beyond words...

I'm too enraged to comment further!

Anonymous said...

I think perhaps, that "too cluttered" either means:-

(1) "The stuff is too difficult for the teachers to understand"

(2) "We don't approve of children being taught real facts, diciplined and ordered into classical areas of agreed discourse so that they can learn how to learn and to think for themselves, so we are going to stop that".

Anonymous said...

I'm so, so depressed to read this.

I'm 26, my sixth form ended in 2000. Even then I could see the NuLab bulldozer closing in behind me, destroying what was left of education.

Targeted money being the killer - only the state knew how the school should spend its money, not the school itself. E.g. money to be spent on completely unnecessary IT equipment that nobody knew what to do with, while my Physics textbooks were falling apart.

This indoctrination comes as no surprise to me. I could see the cotton-wool already coming in around children - little things like the canteen getting fixed benches rather than chairs and tables that could be moved (people! making their own decisions! never!) - of course, this was just before the canteen was shut.

Oswald Bastable said...

These taxpayer-funded paedophilles will probably substitute lessons in man-boy 'love'

At another site I visit:
The owner refers to schools as 'Children's Prisons'

He wouldn't be too far off the mark!

Bill Quango MP said...

al said..

When Andrew Marr's history of Modern Britain is replaced by Simon Cowell's'"A history of Fern Britain." then the enemy will be at the gates.

But there you see. You yourself are the teacher of tomorrow.

"..little things like the canteen getting fixed benches rather than chairs and tables that could be moved (people! making their own decisions! never!) - of course, this was just before the canteen was shut."

The perfect start for "A history of NuLabour's Britain. A tragedy in three parts."
Chapter 1. How to spend tax receipts unwisely

Anonymous said...

This dates back way longer than the ascension of New Labour. It might be seen as part of a Gramscian program to remodel society via undermining its institution.

In any case I seen no problem with proposal in itself. The fundamental objection for any libertarian is that we have a centralised state dictating what the pedagogy and curriculum. Whilst I would never actively choose this education for my children, I actively want such schools to be allowed to exist. it is quid pro quo for them allowing my preferred schools to exist.

Anonymous said...

Shame they can't concentrate on teaching 'students' how to read, write & do simple maths. But of course, with an 'education' people might begin to gain knowledge and start asking questions which goes against the Labour diktat of 'keep them ignorant & feed them shit'.