Thursday, 30 October 2008

So what, exactly have these fuckers been spending our money on, eh?

Blaney got my eyebrows up:

Criminals on probation have committed 120 murders in the past TWO years. I do wonder how the do-gooders in the Howard League for Penal Reform and their fellow apologists for violent criminals can sleep at night.

How many of these people had been released early by the government, a government too mean to spend the billions in tax revenues purloined from us on new prisons?

And this got me to thinking: what have these fuckers been spending our money on for the last decade? No new prisons. No substantial improvement in military kit. No new roads. No improvements in the railways. Nothing substantial in the common weal that I can see at all.

So what have they been doing with the readies then? My best guess is that they've been blowing your money and mine on "social justice", two words that sum up every mealy-mouthed thing that is wrong with this cunt of a country. They've been handing our money out to people they feel deserve it, with the usual mixture of efficiency, even-handedness and generosity that only the state can manage. Said people are of course extremely grateful for our money and spend it wisely. Some of it they've given to the EU. And the EU can do no wrong, can they? They've also chucked huge wedges as starving bankers, famished train operators, the poor waifs at EDS and Crapita and any number of other valuable, useful causes.

And the rest they just pissed up the wall in fatuous wastefulness.



AntiCitizenOne said...

They've been spending it on Failure rewards.

When you pay for something you tend to get more of it, and we've just got more failures.

Welfare State Epic Fail.

P.S. The word social in front of a word negates the meaning of the word afterwards. e.g. Social-justice means punishing people who have done nothing wrong in order to reward those who have been slothful, stupid or "unlucky" (failed to buy insurance).

Anonymous said...

I think if you look at the wall, you'll notice a big piss stain up it.

Anonymous said...

In every area they have also been pissing away fortunes with the cult of management that they have created. Funding zillions of braindead "managers" as if they were any use at all is how you double an NHS budget and end up with a worse service.

Mark Wadsworth said...

AC1, that's a good point (cf. Social Democracy, social engineering) but as a right-winger, I like the idea of 'social cohesion'. Does that really mean 'lack of cohesion'?

Roger Thornhill said...

Mark, it means pitting one against the other, as we have seen.

"Social cohesion" intends to make the State the one and ONLY way people have any connection - always via the State.

p.s. solid rant, obo.