Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Haringey: another head that MUST roll

Mark Pack is on fire today:

Haringey Council Chief Executive, Ita O’Donovan was previously city manager at Stoke-on-Trent Council (the top staff person in their then directly elected Mayor system). Her departure to become Haringey Chief Executive was announced in November 2005, and Ita O’Donovan took up post in Haringey in March 2006.

And in that same month, March 2006, the then Children’s Minister Beverley Hughes wrote that council failings were putting children in Stoke at risk:

In one letter, dated 15 March 2006, the minister wrote to [Stoke Mayor] Mr Meredith saying a report into care provided by Stoke City Council showed there were “critical weaknesses” which could contribute to children being put at risk. (Source: BBC)

Those weaknesses in children’s services were therefore there whilst Ita O’Donovan was in post.

My advice to Ita is to fall on your sword, quickly.

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Hacked Off said...

Far from the only one, there's a fucking infestation to clear out.

Lots of names on my blog, Nov 17th or so, including government ministers who should resign or be sacked.

The Penguin