Thursday, 18 December 2008

These guys are good!

Once again, right on the mark:

Mr Mandelson stressed the government could not simply write a blank cheque for businesses that did not employ large numbers of Labour voters in key marginal seats.

Hat tip to the fishy one.


Anonymous said...

Woolworths: 30,000 UK employees, £350 million debt. Bail out? Not a chance.

Jaguar: Owned by the Tata Group making shite cars for people with more money than sense. Only 15,000 UK employees. Bail out? £1 billion.

Perhaps this is because:

- Woolworths, most cities and towns in the UK have just one or two stores therefore letting them go under has no marked effect on the voting pattern of the consituents as only 50(ish) people per store are made redundant.

- Jaguar, based in Coventry has the following political representation: Coventry South (Jim Cunningham MP - Labour ), Coventry North East (Bob Ainsworth MP - Labour ), Coventry North West (Geoffrey Robinson MP - Labour).

Or am I being cynical?

Anonymous said...

No bill d'Sarse, my thoughts exactly on hearing the news of the bailout for foreign owned Jaguar/Landrover.

I believe the Americans refer to it as Pork Barrel Politics.