Friday 12 December 2008

Why are Gurkhas treated so shabbily by this government?

I mean, we've all heard about Joanna Lumley's campaign, these are people who have risked far more for Britain than the average dole scrounger, yet the government cannot do enough for "social justice".

And now, via the Big Mac, we have a particularly egregious example of the government taking the piss:

On 15 November, Colour Sergeant Krishnabahadur Dura of the 2nd Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles was killed in action in Afghanistan.

Defence News, part of the Ministry of Defence, said, "He was rated as one of the Army's best snipers attaining best student on his Snipers' course. He was highly respected by all." C. Sgt Dura was killed by a Taliban bomb which injured two male colleagues and one female officer, who lost her leg.

C. Sgt Dura, 36, leaves two daughters and a wife. He had served in the British Army since 1992.

But the purpose of this article is not to recount his years of selfless service, nor to sing the praises of his heroism in Afghanistan. It is to draw attention to the most appallingly callous, bureaucratically pig-headed mindset Machiavelli has so far encountered. Because the Home Office is currently threatening to deport the wife and two little children of C. Sgt Dura.

For fuck's sake, you cunts: cut these people some slack. They deserve it. You aren't the fucking SS just yet.

Update: dungeekin' is fucked off, too.


North Northwester said...

So the country is allowed to fill up with Somali warlords and jihadist nut-jobs who can't wait for Iran to nuke us, but the families of foreigners who give their lives to defend us and our way of life are to be sent back to newly-Maoist Nepal because of...?

Anonymous said...

Because they are a proud people with a sense of honour, tradition and strong work ethic. They don't want handouts - they want to earn their money.

All things the government and their lackeys aren't.

The Gurkhas hold up a mirror to them and the reflection isn't pretty to these shallow, grasping thugs in power...

Dungeekin said...

'Looking for a Voice' has picked this up as well, and is asking bloggers to carry and link to the articles.

I've done so, and I hope your commenters will do.

As an ex-serviceman, I know just how little the Government think of those who put on the uniform, fight and die - but even by the Regime's standards this is fucking shabby.


Anonymous said...

The utter cunting fucks taking this decision should be hammered.

Used to have a lot of Gurkhas around where I grew up (near Aldershot & Sandhurst) so I've met a fair few over the years.

Decent, honourable gentlemen, the lot of them.

Quite the opposite of the Home Office staff, then.

marksany said...

Disgusting. I have linked to Macca and created a facebook group:

Anonymous said...

Every person involved in making these decisions ought to be taken to Baghdad and sat on a corner and left there without a rifle, a flak jacket, decent boots, or any other sort of basic protection.

Leave them there for six months and see if they then reconsider (if they are still alive.)

Anonymous said...

Campaigns have been won to give the Gurkhas proper pensions and right of UK abode; I hope that the same can be done for the families of those who die in our Service.

Curley15 above
It would not have to be Baghdad, Peckham would do just as well.