Saturday, 7 March 2009

Read them and weep

Weep for what was.

Weep for what has been lost.

Weep for what will come.

God help this cuntry.


Martin said...

My science student housemate and I finished them all in about 5 fucking minuites. Hell, I only did GCSEs 4 years ago, and even then they were fucking easy, but nothing compared to these "tests".

Gendeau said...

Obo - "We're so fucked"

I wish I could be so optimistic.

At least when we work 'til we're eighty we're going to be running B&Q. The current kids will only just be able to run the tills.

fucking criminal bastards

w.v. perche
isn't that "why" in itanish, or something?

Gendeau said...

I remember asking a teacher friend of a friend whether results improving year on year was a sign of falling standards?

"Oh no", he replied, "it's a sign of teachers being better and better trained".

Deluded twat!

I guess that this is an un-virtuous circle (brown ring?). The next crop of teachers aren't going to know enough to even know they don't know anything!

How do universities take kids taught to this (plus a couple of years of 'Advanced' lernin)?

Is that why we import so many students - they're the only ones that know anything?

Mark Wadsworth said...

That is seriously worrying. The physics O Level I did in the early 1980s (in which I obtained an A) seemed easy enough to me, but this is just crap, utter shite.

Anonymous said...

I thank everybody for the kindly and ferocious criticism of our regime, for it getting this valueless rubbish (a small selection of which I published) passed as "science education".

You have all correctly spotted that the grand philosophy of Science has been, like everything else, corrupted by the bastards in WasteMonster, to the fell task of pushing a State agenda.

If people like, I will publish periodic updates. The papers that cover the other "modules" are no more difficult: they just push the same agenda via different branches of physics, chemistry and biology.

Mitch said...

I notice the power station and global warming bollox is now taught as truth.
we are doomed !!,when I was taught science it was all Moles,covalent bonding,moments of inertia and other factual stuff.This is horse shit for the sun retard quiz.

Anonymous said...

wots wrong I fort they was ded ard stop dissin the hard workin yoonivorsity stodents of 2moro coz 1 day they will run the cuntry you cunts

John Pickworth said...


Where did all the writing go? Seriously, back in my day (late seventies), you were asked a question and was expected to complete at least half a page in response. None of this tick a box rubbish.

John Pickworth said...

If you weren't depressed enough...

Grab the full shoddy syllabus here:

GCSE Papers

GCE Papers

Oh but please don't read the Unit 1 Electoral Systems and Voting Behaviour - Question Paper (PDF 148KB) Seriously, don't!

By the way, they were rioting today in Kuala Lumpur because some objected to Maths and Science being taught in English rather than just Malay... Given the examples above do you think they rioted because:

A) The Malaysians are proud of their language?
B) They don't want their own kids leaving school feeble-minded like British kids?
C) There are no B&Q's in Kuala Lumpur, so what's the point?
D) All the above?

Anonymous said...

To make your blood run cold, check out some of the past papers issued by the Carribean Examination Board, e.g.
(mathematics), and

Anonymous said...

jeeesus - did physics and chemistry O level in 77, I must have been a thick 16 year old because i did these new fangaled ones in my head in a couple of minutes.

Glad the kids are being taught to pass a seven plus exam for UNI ( and the propaganda values of having a generation of oiks who cannot think and have been forcefed this shite)

Anonymous said...

Looked at the "Chemistry" paper.

That's not chemistry, its Logic, Deduction & Common Sense.

This question is about formulae of chemical compounds.
Match statements, A, B, C and D, with the formulae 1–4 in the table.
A this compound contains hydrogen
B this compound is a carbonate
C this formula has only two atoms
D this formula has only two oxygen atoms
1 CaCO3
2 CaO
3 CO2
4 H2O
Oh look, 4 has a H, so must be A; 3 has 2xO so must be D; 2 has two symbols so must be C.
They could at least make it a lottery by giving 5 x answers.

Anonymous said...

I just wrote 'Fuk Of' on the paper. Fuck me I'm a scientist!