Monday, 9 March 2009

Something I hear a lot ...

... is that rank and file coppers are OK, it's the Chief Cuntstubbles who are cunts. I'm not so sure:

A MECHANIC was arrested after a police officer allegedly accused him of stealing his sunglasses – which turned out to be in his car the whole time.

Richard Smith, who works at MOTMax in Mansfield, said the Notts police officer could not find his sunglasses when he returned to pick up his car after testing.

It is claimed he then accused Mr Smith of stealing them and arrested him.

Mr Smith said he was held for about 40 minutes while another officer who was called to the scene searched MOTMax. The glasses were eventually found in the car.

Mr Smith, 45, said: "It was very humiliating.

"I told him that when I did the brake test I had to move an arm rest out of the way, and that there were a couple of pairs of sunglasses on it that may have fallen down.

"He just would not believe what I said. He came over straight away and arrested me."

Ah, the good old British bobby, eh? Admired and respected by all.



Hacked Off said...

Lot of it about.

The Penguin.

Anonymous said...

"Cuntstubble" - Isn't that a WPC who shaves her minge?

JuliaM said...

I think there's a mistake in that story, Obo. It should say 'former police officer'.

Shouldn't it...?

I mean, false arrest, egg on face, bringing the force into disrepute, and all that? Or is that no longer even possi

Anonymous said...

None so blind than those that can not see!

Blind as well as fucking stupid.

Should be a Chief Cuntstable within a month or two! can't see fuck all out of one eye , and is blind in the other.

Dixon of dock green , Z cars ... just a distant fucking fading memory !

Bad boys , bad boys whach ya gonna do ... whach ya gonna do when dey come for you ! ... anything they fucking well want, going by the state of things.

Anonymous said...

Time for a total boycott of the police, I reckon.

Amazingly, it isn't illegal to discriminate against someone because of their job - actually I don't know this for sure but in my mind, it isn't illegal to discriminate against them.

In my previous career I served a lot of food and drink and it was a very foolish person who mentioned they were in the police, if you get my meaning.

As a former barman, I know every para and SAS man in the world - or I would if I believed every bullshitter that walked into my pubs. You can spot a dreamboat a mile off. Those that used to claim to be in the police were doubtless after a little bit extra, and they got it - they just never knew.

Don't knowingly serve the police - don't sell them food or drink, service their cars or otherwise provide comfort to the enemy.

The police are now a significant danger to the public - both menacing and ineffectual at once.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I hope the mechanic found at least 30 faults with which to fail to car's MOT.