Tuesday, 16 June 2009


After fighting my way through 500-odd podcasts, I now find myself wishing for something new on the music front.. I don't like metal, I don't like opera, I don't like R'n'B or HipHop (not since about 2000, anyway!)

Any podcast suggestions?


jaydeeaitch said...


woman on a raft said...

Philip Glass - you know the one.

JO said...

If anyone can tell me how to post a bloody podcast on my blog I'd be grateful. I recorded a fantastic argument yesterday, but the world will never know.


Rob Farrrington said...

Half Man Half Biscuit?

wonderfulforhisage said...

Limmy's World of Glasgow was a series of podcasts that hit the scene about a couple of years ago I think. They are hilarious and one does have to have an ear for Glaswegian patois to get the best from them. I believe they are still available on itunes.

John Demetriou said...

I agree about hip hop - I lost interest after that time also.

I was wondering if it was an age thing, but no, it genuinely got shit after around 2000/2001.

ShugNiggurath said...

Dunno where you get your podcasts from, I use www.last.fm playlists and radio channels to find new stuff.

Ane Brun (Norwegian country folk) is really good, anything out of the 'New Weird America' genre, Ulver (Swedish ambient), Lambchop (sort of soulful country maybe), Divna Ljubojevic (byzantine choral stuff), Am'Ganesha'n (world music, but in a good way).

If you're up for getting a bit off the wall look up Seven Pines and / or Gae Bolg and the Church of Fand - fucking mental bombastic mediaeval French industrial pop.

If you can't get that on a podcast, you could do worse than use last.fm - really good site.

AntiCitizenOne said...


Mark Hendy said...

@JP have you considered using audioboo? http://www.audioboo.fm

@OBO I find it best to keep an open mind with music. Opera has it's place when the mood strikes, Blues is cool for mellowing out but there is (FACT) no better way to stick it to the man than to listen to screeching guitar rock.

Foo Fighters
Franz Ferdinand
Red Hot Chillis
The Darkness (this is so you!)

So for those about to rock, I salute you!

Dave T said...

The Eagles of Death Metal
There are nothing like the Eagles and they are not death metal, they are just awesome. In fact go and see them, in the UK next week. Just right for the next time you get the penis extension out.

No? What about Seasick Steve then...

Anonymous said...

Amy whinehouse... watched the BBC "live" session on the box. Found her moves and sounds strangly addictive.
G_d knows why.

schlumpf23 said...

Try http://auralapocalypse.podomatic.com/, it's a great weekly podcast of post-industrial music, i.e. neo-folk, dark ambient, martial, power electronics etc... It's definitely something different!

Anonymous said...

anonymous because I can't be arsed.

last.fm is good, coupled with the firefox extension fire.fm. Or get yourself a wi-fi radio: nearly 17k stations and countless on demand programmes, odds are there's a station not pumping endless soma. I love mine so much it hurts. :-(

wv: sthrein. This happened to me once, because I loved too much and too often.

Anonymous said...

For some of the coolest musicians on the planet check out Paulo Conte (for a starter try the Live in Verona DVD). You won't understand a word (unless you're fluent in Italian), the music and artists do it all.