Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The delights of modern technology

Went out to see a customer today. Thanks to the gorgeous traffic in the home counties, my satnav changed its mind more often than a woman on the fucking blob, telling me to go one way then another IN THE MIDDLE OF A FUCKING INTERSECTION!

Eventually I gave up and switched the wittering bitch off. Now if I could just do the same to the other women in my life.

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microdave said...

How on earth did we, as civilisation, get to where we are now with only maps to guide us?

I wonder how many SatNav users have any idea how it works, and how easy it is to disrupt? The Yanks like to boast how clever they are, yet chose to use the same downlink frequency for all the satellites. The Russians used individual ones for their Glonas system.

The one place it's supposed to be so useful - built up areas and cities - is also the one place it is most likely to let you down, due to signal blocking. The orbiting satellites are constantly moving about, and if they are low in the sky it doesn't take much to hide them. Added to which the U.K. MOD conduct regular GPS jamming trials!