Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Huh, what?*

Nearly 100 town halls ordered secret searches of their residents' rubbish bins last year.

The official aim was to find out who was throwing out what to help councils encourage recycling.

OK, let's stop RIGHT there. The reason there is such a push on recycling is because the EU demands it, nothing else. They are going to levy more and more swingeing taxes on us because we don't meet some utopian ideal.

So pull out of the EU and the council will have no reason to go through your bin at all.

But some staff examining the contents of bins also classified residents as well-off or poor.

You what? What fucking business is it of yours, you jumped-up, overweening cunts?

It seems to me that as central government becomes ever more powerless and flailingly ineffectual, councils are becoming the hectoring nannies of choice. And, even more worryingly, Conservative councils seem to be right up there among the worst of them.


*Yes, I know it's the Daily Fail.

Tip of the clown wig to ASI.


Anonymous said...

Booby trap the fucking bins.Seriously.

Scouse & Proud #jft96 said...

Thanks for this post Mr Obo. It's people like you that keep me grounded. Come the great day, I will stop this nonsense.

JuliaM said...

What I want to know is, how are they going to judge this?!?

David Gillies said...

If any cunt tried profiling my trash round my gaff he'd beat a pretty quick retreat under the hail of champagne bottles and caviar tins.

But then I don't live in an incipient police state, and I get my (unsorted) bins emptied twice a week, thanks very much.