Saturday, 15 August 2009

Boatang and Demetriou - an apology

I would like to accept the award for highest new entry in the field of libertarian blogging on behalf of John and myself.

Sorry, lads.

Though I don't class Guido as a libertarian in any way whatsoever.

Well, I think he's a bit libertarian. But probably more conservative.


nbc said...

Congratulations, you eeevill right-winger.

Unknown said...

You bugger Obo, we have been knocked down by you into 14th place! Well, I always thought 13 was unlucky.

Great to see you in there, your readers know a thing or two.

Sperm Lewis said...

Llongfarchion, Obo bach!

Pedwaredd llibytyrion blogga, is it? Fucken lovely, look you.

Cywillidd pipped by That Twat, Old Holborn, there's pity, see?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Hey! Sperm! Fucking awesome to hear from you again! Fucking lovely, look you! ;o)

Leg-iron said...

Right wing? You? Never!

Well done to the child-eating clown!

The Paragnostic said...

Pedwaredd, Sperm?

Always thought Obo would make a good pimp myself, but then I'm stuck over by here in Lloegr...

Dr Evil said...

Well done, you utter bastard! Yes, I did vote for you in a slightly kiss-ass way but don't think it means anything!

WTF am I drivelling on about?


Constantly Furious said...

Congrats, Obo, on nipping in at the last fucking minute and bumping me down a place. ;-)

Here's the full list of the top 20, with links, as voted for by the admiring millions.

It'd be great if everybody on the list - specially the big boys at the top - did the same; either copy the post, or link to it from your own blog.

A little bit of mutual backslapping and link-love, eh?

Kevin Boatang said...

"Well, I think he's a bit libertarian. But probably more conservative. "

I find it amazing that your blogs raison d'etre is to be bertie big bollocks, yet when it comes to Guido they are the size of a small ball baring.

He is a cunt, he isn't a libertarian and maybe it's about time that he was treated as such rather than having various tongues shoved up his arse.

I look forward to some more Youtube clips.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

@KB: Actually, the raison d'etre for my blog is to rant. You and JD are Bertie Big Bollocks. ;o)

It's a perfectly reasonable thing to say that GF is a bit libertarian but more conservative, how does that entail sticking my tongue up his arse? In general, I do agree that he's over-rated (as is Old Holborn, for that matter), but unlike you I admire people who make a success out of what they do, whether or not I agree with what they say. Hell, I even admire what Dolly Draper did with Labourlost in no time at all. That doesn't mean I agree with what they say.