Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Obnostrodamus strikes again ... again

I really can see this shit coming from a mile off, can't I?


George said...

More revenue, I work for BT who have 50,000 engineers, at 75 quid for a CRB check thats a lot of money someone has to pay.

Anonymous said...

A nice little earner, another hidden tax and another round of unintended consequences - the total breakdown of society. How long can any society survive on a perpetual diet of distrust, fear and loathing? 'Social cohesion' is founded on trust: when the government has destroyed our communities, they will roll out their ersatz version based on legislation, regulation and socal cohesion outreach workers: filling forms, ticking boxes and making it part of the National Curriculum.

How long before all cases of child abuse are perpetrated by checked and registered individuals? 10 years? Five years?

And the response? 'Tougher', 'more stringent' checks and regulations? All children to undergo annual inspections for signs of abuse? What a perfect job for your traditional neighbourhood child molester.

What is the difference between government and organised crime?

Anonymous said...


It will get worse and worse...