Friday, 20 November 2009

Fuck off, then!


Sir Hugh Orde, top quangocrat at APCO, hints that he'd quit if the Conservatives go ahead with plans to democratise control over local policing.

Fuck off then, you jumped-up overweening quangocrat! And take the rest of your company directors with you.



Quiet_Man said...

Good riddance, these people should not be in charge of anything without democratic local control to hold them back.

Snowolf said...

Just heard him whinging like a little child on Radio 5. He doesn't want someone telling him how to do his job. Deploying his staff is his job.

Having someone elected would mean politicians would get involved in policing (I think we're supposed to belive they aren't already).

He is, apparently, completely accountable to an independent body and that policing is completely transparent. So that'll be why ACPO isn't subject to FOI then.

Anyhow, he has to make decisions to keep the community safe. And we should be damn grateful he's there to make sure we're all safely in line.

Sorry, we should be damn grateful he's there to make sure we're all safely in bed at night.

Any directly elected Commissioners with proper, democratic representation and real connection to the electorate would be a very bad road to go down. Or so he says.

Call me a cynic, but he's had to wait a long time to be able to run his little club, and he doesn't like the idea of doing what his paymasters want one little bit.

Ross said...

This is the same Hugh Orde who has previously said:

"I have always said that no ideology or individual should stand between the public and that service and that the community is entitled to have their public representatives hold this police service to account."

That was when he was head of the PSNI.

Peregrine's Bird Blog said...

You obviously couldn't trust him further than you could throw him. Immoral cunt

Tuesday Kid said...

He can totally fuck off, as long as he doesn't come back here.

Ed P said...

A huge pile or ordure