Friday 27 November 2009


According to Bishop Hill, the wagons are circling:

1) Lord Rees (Royal Society) to be asked by UEA to investigate CRU leak.

2) Foreign Office and government leaning heavily on UEA to keep a lid on everything lest it destabilises Copenhagen.

3) CRU asked to prepare data for a pre-emptive release in past couple of days but trouble reconciling issues between data bases has stopped this.

Prepare for massive spin and damage control from the vested interests and rent-seekers.



Dungeekin said...

We know a song about that. . . .

Mitch said...

Thats busted now, may as well invent something else.
I saw a Manbearpig on TV once perhaps we should be scared of that for a while.

Oldrightie said...

Manbearpig on TV

Was that BBC Parliament, Mitch?

Joe Public said...

".... the wagons are circling:"

Not as much as the Vultures.

Ed P said...

There are so many research grants at stake - of course there will be attempts at damage limitation.

The 'Ooo' sung, "We won't get fooled again" But after Madoff (with the money), now we have Mann-made data. The clue's in the name again!

Mark Wadsworth said...

"the vested interests and rent-seekers"


I spend a lot of 'blogging time battling against VI's and RS's of every kind.

I agree with the right-wingers that all these fakecharities, climate changers etc should be given the chop. But I also take on the largest VI/RS group of all, the Home-Owner-Ists. I'm not making much headway on either front, but hey.


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Mark, if it's any consolation, I can see the merit of your home-ownerist arguments.

Intellectually, anyway.

My wallet is still hoping for unreasonable returns on investment. :o)

Anthony said...

To be honest Obo, what did you expect? Too much fucking control, money, and ego's to be lost.

Leg-iron said...

Another one just played his hand and lost.

All you need to read is the headline.

Anonymous said...

Check the BBC: on Global Warming -


on UEA document leak ..............

Mark The Skint Sailor said...


I wouldn't be suprised. You can already see the damage limitation at work: it was only a few dodgy scientists, all the others have solid data, yadda yadda.

The blogosphere needs to get the message out that ALL man made global warming data is tainted, because East Anglia CRU borrowed tricks and tips from all the other CRUs around the world in order to make the same graph. If East Anglia have to do that to produce (for example) the hockey stick graph, then ALL CRUs have to do the same.
Taking them at their word that the data is solid is no longer an option. They HAVE to release their data, methods and software models for scrutiny by the WHOLE scientific community for review.

Of course what will happen will be the exact opposite: we'll be told to accept the data after a review by another cosy cabal of scientists with a vested interest.

microdave said...

"Check the BBC: on Global Warming -


To be fair I saw a 10 second bit on the Beeb early this morning - someone or other claiming that the Carbon Credit scheme was all wrong. But that was all......

Still diddly squat about the CRU.