Friday 27 November 2009


I've just been out perambulating. My meanderings led me pastone of these purpose-built "skate parks" where da yoof can hang out and impress each other with their tattoos and their "moves". [Ed: is this how they say it?]

I was kind of baffled to see a group of 15-20 very, young boys all dressed in uniform (jeans, black t-shirt, beanie) "hanging out" and "busting moves", especially since it's a school day and they all looked of a school age. Indeed, about half of them looked like they should be in primary school.

I suppose if I were to go speak to them, I'd be "shanked" or accused of kiddy-fiddling, the schools are too busy brainwashing kids about global warming to worry about truancy and the rozzers would probably have me for wasting police time.

So, what the fuck kids - enjoy the day out, your education will sadly almost certainly be none the worse for cutting class.



big4 said...


Anonymous said...

Could be because its Eid Obo.

Depends on the cultural make up of teh school natch, but in East London, most are shut today.

Anonymous said...

You`re just not up to speed on the current curriculum. These lads are studying hard for their GCSE in radical moves.

Tuesday Kid said...

People at my work are getting me a sk8teboard and I'm gonna be cutting it fly (or something like that). You can come and chat to me anytime and I won't call the cops.

Joe Public said...

Don't forget your Pension depends on their toils.

Red Admiral said...

Cutting Class? Is that now part of the National Curriculum? Back in the sixties the head of Granby Street (central Liverpool) School told me "we teach them how to use their knives" so nothing new under the sun.

Anonymous said...

One day less school is one day free from prison.

And they will probably learn more.