Tuesday, 1 December 2009

#Climategate - the gift that keeps on giving

A brief re-cap (and trade!):

Someone pulled together a bunch of emails, data files and programs that manipulate them with a name that implied that it was done for a Freedom of Information Act request. This file was then left on a Russian file server until it was discovered and leeched onto torrent sites, at which point it was mysteriously deleted.

At first, it seemed too good to be true and a lot of caution was expressed that the contents should not be taken at face value as the contents could have been manipulated to put words into the mouths of the climate "scientists" at CRU. However, the "scientists" have subsequently admitted that there is no sign that anything was modified and, at the moment, this still appears to be the case.

So, the first thing that was leapt upon was the pile of emails. Bishop Hill has an excellent summary of some of the most damning admissions and comments here.

However, it turns out that this was not the most disturbing part of the find. The "raw" data that climate skeptics have been asking for has finally surfaced, along with the code that interprets the data to predict man-made global warming.

Alarm bells went off when it transpired that some of the code had been lost and someone called "Harry" had been tasked with rebuilding the model. It is with no small irony that it has been analysed by everyone's favourite swearblogger, considering how much frustration and rage the programmer's comments reveal. (Bishop Hill has a more general look at the code, too.)

A number of alarmists and denialists then kicked off, saying that the sharp practices used by the CRU were a bloody disgrace and that they should all be sacked. Even Harrabin. And "Captain Hockey Stick" is apparently being investigated by his employer.

Indeed, some people are calling for prosecutions under the Freedom of Information Act.

One of the most controversial aspects of the CRU emails was that the coven of alarmists at the centre of this scandal appear to have manipulated the "peer review" process by getting editors, who allowed skeptical science to be published in their journals, sacked. They also amended the peer review process to no longer accept journals that accepted skeptical content as publishers for the purposes of the IPCC.

Needless to say, the alarmist establishment are crapping themselves, so they've appointed the most alarmist quango money can buy to do an "impartial" inquiry.

But I really don't know how they're going to keep the cat in the bag, especially with dirty tricks like this little motherfucker here coming to light. And now it seems the Kiwis have also been diddling the numbers.

The Americans are also up in arms. And well they should be, because NASA has been caught making it all up as well.

Curious how all these cheating, lying, bullying motherfuckers are doing it to us with our own tax money, isn't it?



MrAngryman said...

You can almost feel the panic. I hope the great British public finally wakes up and realises how much we have been lied too. Fucking global warming my arse more like global tax rip off

Anonymous said...

I guess everyone has noticed that since the UEA CCU revelations, the BBC has supressed all mention of the story and increased output of global warming propaganda ?

It's about time we nuked Islington.

Oldrightie said...

"I hope the great British public finally wakes up and realises how much we have been lied too. Fucking global warming my arse more like global tax rip off."

Only if their TV is confiscated, Sir.

Oldrightie said...

It also now appears the ozone hole is beneficial!

formertory said...

But you just know the counter-punch is on its way. Nil comment from anyone "responsible" in government. Renewed reportage of how St Obama will bless Copenhagen with his Holy Personage and save us all.

Open the Torygraph yesterday and what is there? "400,000 children a year may die because of global warming", "huge numbers of species might disappear because of climate change". Today, it's "ice will melt twice as quickly as previously thought". Last night, that condescending twat Snow was at it on C4 news - "all those poor countries who are the victims of global worming".

We're being buried under a massive, coordinated pile of shite dished out so the government doesn't lose face and they can carry on with the takeover strategy until finally we can't fart without a government-appointed Fartenfuhrer's Certificate.

There isn't enough rope in the world to do what needs doing.

bayard said...

Publically funded scientists are always producing shit like this to justify their grants. The difference here is that it's gone global and totally out of control. The people at CRU must have been shitting themselves for years wondering when their originally modest scam was going to be found out.

Anonymous said...

Cameron will have to confront it soon - or watch his ratings dribble ever downwards from their less than exalted position.

Sceptics are definitely gaining ground. I even converted a tree hugger last night, damn it! :)

Jeff Wood said...

Fausty, well done Sir!

I fancy quite a few sinners are now repenting, and your Greenie will not be the last.

Anonymous said...

David Bellamy got taken off TV becaus he would not "conform".