Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Bob Piper is right

Sorry, I should have warned you before I said this. But hopefully you've recovered now.

And what is more, Bob Piper is right when he says that Iain Dale is right.

So what's with this massive blogging love-in?

The left has won the battle of ideas for tolerance, diversity and equality. Perhaps the major achievement of the Blair/Brown years has been to shift the social attitudes compass to the left. The progressive attitudes towards gays and lesbians, women and racial minorities are now accepted by all of the mainstream political parties.

Yep, it's definitely true. The Tories will pander to special interests just like the Labour Party and the LibDems. No mainstream party will say: "No more pandering to special interests". Even the BNP exists to pander to a special interest group.

What a fucking mess.


Ross said...

There probably has been a shift to being more accepting of homosexuality in the last 13 years, but how can anyone really argue that attitudes to race have improved in that time?

Dave the Blair Clone said...

I think the voting public are just waking up to the fact that Dave's just the next useless-cunt-in-waiting and reminds them uncomfortably of Bliar, that's all.
It's hard not to look at Dave, hear the politically-correct nonsense he spouts and feel an icy shudder of 1997 deja vu.

Anonymous said...

Yes but the BNP pander to that 'special group' that has inhabited these islands a lot longer then muslims, africans and every other turd worlder, even Greeks.

And I don't care what perversion you are into, but the moment they say that is what defines them is the moment I say "fuck off, I'm not bothered!"

Jack'd Ripp'd

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Jack'd Ripp'd, the BNP is Nick Griffin's personal plaything. The only group it panders to is nick Griffin.

And really, whether someone's family has been here for 10000 years or 100, or even 10, does it really matter? Does there skin colour matter?

Or does it matter that they work, pay their taxes, obey the law, and try and fit in without demanding special treatment?

Mitch said...

All these stupid groups want "special" status for whatever fetish,inclination or accident of birth they are ashamed of.
Just fit the fuck in,shut the fuck up and everyone will be as happy as their gonna be.

Anonymous said...

In regards to Nick, if he just wanted to play big-time politician, he would have an easier time if he joined one of the bigger parties (look at the useful idiots in them he could easily replace).

Instead, he choose a cause that he believes in. How many Establishment Polichickens can say that?

"Or does it matter that they work, pay their taxes, obey the law, and try and fit in without demanding special treatment?"

If only they did Mr Clown, if only they did.

Peckham, Brixton, Hackney, Walworth, Elephant & Castle, Thornton Heath etc etc tells another story.

There are always exceptions to the rule. But then again, invite entire tribes here and of course they will chose to impose their own rules.

Can take the savage out of the jungle... (sic).

We should have a door policy that resembles China White's (the club, and no pun intended).

I've nothing against those who come here to embrace our way of life, I've plenty of mates a different shade that do, but do I want their entire tribe here? No, I don't.

And before you tell me Peckham has always had loads of Africans, my Grandparents tell me different. And I believe my blood before I believe the Establishment.

Take a long look at the word diversity.

Divide. Division. Work the rest out.

Logic, not emotion will save the Nation. And that is more important than you, me and our ideals.

By nation, I do not mean the Government. I'd like to hang them all considering their incompetence or collusion in the conspiracy to make us European.

We broke off Europe for a reason.

As I've said before, I don't care about racism. I've suffered it myself from the enrichment process (still waiting for my cheque) and if Harperson has her way, will soon be legally discriminated against.

Should I wait until I am a minority in my Nation before I say "enough is enough"? (Already one in my borough thanks to the rest of 'you'* playing 'nice').

*The royal 'you'. Eg; Tory, Labour and Lib Dem voters

sasquach said...

so you are a fag lover? or maybe you are one of them? Obo the BENDER loves Ian Dale the bender. do you two bum each other after blogging?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Yeah, and then we tag-team Bob.


Lola said...

Fuck that. It's not a 'shift to the left' at all. If anything it's a shift into neutral. The non righty non lefty libertarian. (Note righties are latentently oligarchical which leads them to totalitarianism and lefties are latently statist which leads them to...........totalitariansm.

The UK is getting more libertarian, not lefty.

Maturecheese said...

Lola, Is that comment some kind of joke, cryptic perhaps or laced with sarcasm. If we have become more Libertarian, I would hate to see what a more Authoritarian Britain looks like.