Friday, 26 February 2010

Is DING mentally handicapped?

I always thought politicians were supposed to be possessed of a certain amount of the smarts. Mendacious, venal cunts, but ostensibly witty and sharp and certainly possessed of a certain low cunning, if nothing else.

But lately, I'm really starting to wonder about DING.

I mean, I'm wondering to the point that I've pretty much decided to vote Labour, something that has honestly never occurred to me before. But really, what can you really make of someone who is faced with an enormous open goal the size of Colostomy Brown's rage and then doesn't even attempt a shot at goal.

Apparently, there's a certain amount of cuntsternation in Tory circles because the poll lead has slumped to 6% (and fucking rightly so - they should have a fucking 60% lead, not a 6% lead!)

I don't really see why anyone should be surprised: we've had more than a decade of big-government tax and fucking spend, hectoring little Hitlers sticking their noses into every aspect of our micromanaged lives, quangos up the wazoo, blatant corruption and thievery and we're fucking sick of it. This is not hard to understand.

So what does the useless buttered new potato do? He promises us even more of the same fucking shit, but promises it will be different because he's in charge. Dave, don't be a fucking cunt all your life. We are beyond the Blair era. We don't want another smooth, charming, unprincipled, snake oil salesman running the show. If you're too dumb to work out from the polls what the problem is, maybe you should step aside and let someone else have a fucking go.

But shit like this just screams that you haven't got a clue, you haven't got a grip and you are just another fucking makeweight cock-weasel out to screw the country for your own gain:

The Tories have signed a contract with their firm - Squier, Knapp, Dunn Communications, which is a leading Washington-based Democrat-leaning political consultancy - specifically for help with TV debates. But the firm is also expected to offer advice more broadly to the Tory leader on the direction of the Conservative campaign.

Great fucking idea, you cretinous fuckmong: the British people are crying out for vapid promises of Hope and Change.

Don't make me do it, Dave. Don't make me put my cross in the Labour box. Give me something to fucking hope for.


BTS said...

Best go clean up those cornflakes now..

Oldrightie said...

My handle should indicate that I would rather slit my throat than vote Labour but otherwise I agree with your tirade. I quit being a Tory activist back in September when this looming failure began to show through the expenses scandal locally. Now I MUST vote but I am very unsure for whom. As a very average Joe I suspect I am a bellweather for all the other Joes and Joannas!

Mitch said...

I think your right Obo we may as well let Brown win so the IMF can rub his nose in everything he has fucked up.
The Tories can then elect someone with teeth and get the landslide they need to turn this island around.

Tomrat said...

Vote for the NOTA party; you know it makes sense.

We are approaching the point where the sham is being revealed; won't be long now.

The Fact Compiler said...

Obo - in your own inimitable way you've hit the nail squarely on the head.

I don't want more of the same I want a damn site less.

And Ding just doesn't get it.

Billy Blofeld said...

You are bang on Obo.

I don't want anymore Blair inspired cuntishness from DING.

If voting Labour guaranteed Labour would implode (forever), then I would. Unfortunately the one-eyed mong is so detached from reality, it would just encourage him to do more of the same..........

Siggy said...

I hope this is a fucking joke Obo. How the flying fuck could you vote Labour? They're already halfway up all our arses and you'd be prepared to give them another go at it and shaft you the full distance? Are you completely fucking brain dead? what the hell are you smoking? Jesus Christ on a bike.

John Pickworth said...

"... we've had more than a decade of big-government tax and fucking spend, hectoring little Hitlers sticking their noses into every aspect of our micromanaged lives, quangos up the wazoo, blatant corruption and thievery and we're fucking sick of it."

That should be on the twat's tombstone.

Tell you what, I'll start carving if someone else will supply the recently deceased. Brown or Cameron, doesn't make a whole lot of difference.

Anonymous said...

I fear that we are well past the point where it matters whom we elect. Lab/Lib/Con: just more toxic socialism from the EU. Lisbon has seen to it that Westminster is merely a token of what once passed for democracy. Nor do I have any memory of the Conservatives reversing any damage done by Labour in the past. Too many of us sit glued to the lobotomy box, waiting for Santa Dave to come along and kiss us all better. It isn't going to happen. First things first - let's get out of the EU, and then hold a more generally meaningfu election. If Labour get back in, the coming GE is likely to be the last.

Closet England Lover.

Mr Rob said...

Read this...carefully

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Oh, Mr Rob ... I have.

Mr Rob said...

I know YOU would have done Obo.

BTW although Hitch does not disagree that the logical conclusion of his argument is that (in most constituencies) people should vote Labour, he thinks it would be counter-productive to ask them to go beyond Don't Vote Tory - they are not ready emotionally and would reject the whole argument.
Evidence here and elsewhere would suggest he is right.