Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The tyranny of the majority ... or even a minority

I was just reading some of the analysis of the "emergency budget" (as an aside: Squeaker Bercunt, I thought you were going to cut down on all these leaks, you useless motherfucker?) and it dawned on me just what a fucking shit deal democracy is.

I didn't vote Labour. I have never voted Labour. I railed against their policies. I complained to my MP. I called this economic collapse a decade ago, I called the nutter with the stutter's 2007 fake boom, I disagreed with just about every single thing that Labour did. I am fairly certain I'm going to disagree equally vociferously with iDave's "fix". What has already been floated is pretty mild and far too focused on taxing some fucking more. Like we're not fucking taxed enough already.

So here I am, I've followed both due process (speaking to my unspeakably useless cunt of an MP) and I've blogged (since I discovered blogging). I've written to the papers. I've done everything I can short of standing for office (and we all know that 1 MP is not going to achieve anything, even in the incredibly unlikely event that I won from a zero start in an area so safely Tory that this time they actually did put a blue rosette on a fucking dog turd (and exposed thief) and he still fucking won.

And yet despite all my fucking protests, all my comments, all my reasoned arguments about why this is going to be an expensive clusterfuck, I still wind up having to pay for the monumental incompetence of some arrogant, entitled and moronic turds voted in by a bunch of tribal fucks and I will wind up having to pay for the slightly less monumental incompetence of some other arrogant, entitled and moronic turds voted in by some other tribal fucks.

The continued strangling of civil liberties, the swelling ranks of arrogant prodnoses, the burgeoning influence of unelected quangos and "experts", wars that do nothing for the country ... I didn't vote for any of them and I don't know anybody who did. And yet because our elected "representatives" (who might certainly have been elected but don't appear to represent any given person completely) have some sort of mandate, we all just have to suck it up.

And in the glorious UK, we have a situation where a minority of voters gets to tell every other fucker how to live. It's no different to apartheid South Africa, really, a minority of people gets to tell everyone else how to live. The fact that everyone got a vote is a fig leaf. Even in Labour's 1997 "landslide", they won less than 50% of the vote -- a LOT less. For even longer than that, the country has been ruled a minority vote. And even if a party won an absolute majority, how does that justify them telling everyone else how to live their life?

Why do people pretend that democracy is some kind of good thing? Democracy sucks.


Anonymous said...

It took me until I was forty (12 years ago) to work out that freedom and (mass, popular) democracy are incompatible.

We need something like Hoppe's private law society.

In the meantime... well, we're pretty much screwed.

microdave said...

You appear to have got your shit together.

I wouldn't disagree with any of what you said.

Stefan Molyneux doesn't think much of goverments, either:


TastesLikeChicken said...

Absolutely agree.

Freedom wins over Democracy every time in my book.

Democracy is just the least worst way of picking a government.

As Freedom (from private and state initiated fraud and violence) is the objective, then we should be voting, but only for the minimal government possible to achieve that.

Chuckles said...

I must disagree, the Nationalists in South Africa made no bones about what they were doing with apartheid.
The locals lie, dissemble, prevaricate and anything else they can, to obscure their grand schemes and utter incompetence.

Two solutions - either that the originator and/or supporters of any parliamentary proposal or legislation must pay for it out of their own pocket. They can later petition for a referendum over whether they should be reimbursed.
Or extend it that the constituencies of the MPs voting for a prop or law will be taxed to pay for it.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Jesus, Chuckles, that's a fucking brilliant idea!

ukipwebmaster said...

I fell better after reading that!

Caratacus said...

Pure fucking poetry Obo. Thank you.