Thursday, 8 July 2010

Not subject to legitimate expectation

So, given that the Tories have undergone a Damascene conversion about the census they previously described as "invasive, intrusive and unsuitable", can all those fuckers who witter on about the Tories being the only hope for libertarian people to achieve libertarian goals please go and fuck themselves now? And then shut up?

iDave talked a reasonable talk before the election, even though he made it absolutely clear he wasn't a libertarian. For all the bollocks spouted about rolling back the state and ending the war on the motorist and all the other fluffy, cuddly things he said before the election, he has turned out to be just as statist, nannying and bossy as Gordon Brown. He's just slightly more personable.

I've already lost count of the u-turns the Tories have performed, ostensibly to keep the Limp Dumbs happy, but in truth they were things that iDave didn't give a flying fuck about.

They are no different from New Labour. They have continued with all the shit things that Labour did. They are not applying swingeing cuts to the rampant juggernaut of state spending, they have merely closed the tap by a quarter of a turn. They have not killed off any of the spying, logging or bossing of the dumb proles. We still have unaccountable quangos that haven't been bonfired telling us simpletons how we need to live our lives. The medical nazis are still banging on, telling us how sinful we are. We are still drowned in red tape and pointless elfin safety.

There is no difference between any of the big three parties. It is just an accident of circumstance that iDave is not currently in the Labour Party or the LibDems. He is no different from Blair or Clegg or Purnell or Clarke. Agreeable, flexible, euro-centric, amoral, centrist ... they really are all the same.

So stop telling me the one hope for libertarianism is to go Tory and "influence them from the inside".

They are beyond redemption.


Timdog said...

It's so disappointing, I was sceptical but then they started quite well and I was fooled. Well fuck that.
There's no future for libertarianism, as beyond pissing and moaning there is nothing that can be done to change the way the country is or will be run. Individually, people that want to can change their lives - leave the country, do an Old Holborn etc. etc. but never on any meaningful scale will this happen.
Three identical, shitty, centrist, big Government, troughing, tax and spend fuckwit parties will continue to Buggins' turn their way through Government, gradually dragging the UK down lower and creating more and more dependents. It's the same in the US but with two parties of course.
So depressing, I wish it wasn't so, but I fear DK is right when he rants about not everyone deserving a vote. I don't see a solution, but he is right. People are too fucking stupid.

Anonymous said...

If they'd go fuck themselves in the mouth, we could hit two irritating birds with one stone.

@Timdog: Say what? I wish I didn't "deserve" a vote, be easier to remind people a vote is a fucking joke.

Timdog said...

@Anonymous fair point, whether a vote is worthless or people aren't worthy of it makes little difference though, I suspect both are true.

JuliaM said...

Seconded. Again.

Peperbarmi said...

Well said!

Mark Wadsworth said...

Agreed. Were we really expecting much more?

Captain Hornswoggle said...

If you want a laugh, compare/contrast Dave C's policies with that of everyone's favourite South American dictator Hugo Chavez!

It's not something I'm proud of said...

but I took a ticket and waited my turn to fuck Peperbarmi's Mum.

And A&E is struggling to cure the multiple STDs. And I only took her up the arse.

Peperbarmi said...

If you don't leave my mother alone, I'll ... I'll ... I'll burst into tears!

Guthrum said...

I was only saying this to a Tory/Social Democrat/Labour/UKIP/ BNP supporting Libertarian yesterday.

None of them are Libertarian Parties, this is going to be a long haul for the Libertarian Party

Peperbarmi said...

@15:22, 15:26.

My fist your face BAM BAM !

Danny Law said...

i do believe you are singing from a similar hymn sheet to peter hitchens when it comes to the tories

whether you think that is a good thing or not is something else altogether

Fuck Peperbarmi's mother said...

8 Jul 2010 17:13:00
I'm almost as terrified as her 'customers' were - of catching something vile.
Diseased, raddled and so slack you could drive a herd through it - if they weren't put off by the smell.

Peperbarmi said...


Peperbarmi said...

Sorry, but the smell was just too much.

Libertarianism makes you free said...

Always amusing to see some Libertarians advocating restrictions of voting rights for those deemed not worthy.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Actually, since Libertarians don't regard democracy with any great respect, it's not that weird, is it?

Libertarianism makes you free said...

Which probably explains why they're out there with the lunatic fringe.

Peperbarmi said...

Yes, all the johns caught something terrible

Anonymous said...

@Libertarianism makes you free:

Damn Straight we are! I wonder if you know the cause for which the quakers were considered mad from the late 17th century onwards for advocating was?

They were considered on the lunatic fringe because they were very rare and considered mad for believing that slaves should be freed. Damn straight we don't think public opinion about the violence that is democracy is correct, damn straight that puts us on the fringe, and proud of it.

Libertarianism makes you free said...

Arthur Scargill no doubt also revels in his notoriety as a fully paid up member of the club.

Peperbarmi said...

Well fuck me sideways theres a FAKE PEPERBARMI,

Peperbarmi said...

Yes, all the johns caught something terrible

8 Jul 2010 21:16:00

......Im gonna cut you a new face with my chainsaw now Fuck off you cunt!

Peperbarmi said...

@Fake Peperbarmi @21:16

You wanna be my clone FINE,but you diss my mama and,


Peperbarmi said...

Fucking you, even sideways, is not my bag.
Now your Mommy, age 11, when she was just learning the trade ....
Tight. Not (yet) diseased. No pimp yet. Oooooh, but she loved it. So did I.

Mr Rob said...

Oooooo, well who would have guessed that they'd all turn out to be the same, oh my golly-gosh!

Fucking told you so. Fucking posted the links to an expert analysis back up by years of research and thinking. (I do realise it is bad form to say things like this, but I fucking told you so.)

So did the Clown.

Next time could you please abandon your tribal security blankets and fucking pay attention?

I thank you.

Kingbingo said...

"So stop telling me the one hope for libertarianism is to go Tory and "influence them from the inside".

They are beyond redemption."

I see you have elected not to blog about the clamping down on section 44 then?

I suppose it does not fit with the pre-ordained narrative.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

"I see you have elected not to blog about the clamping down on section 44 then?"

What, like they did with the census? Or the NHS Spine Database? Or the Great Repeal act?

Seriously, they've made dozens of announcements and reneged on all of them.

What makes you think Sec 44 is going to be any different?

If and (hopefully!) when they actually do something, rather than say they're going to do something, I'll applaud them.

But I'm already fucking sick of applauding the announcements only to have to eat my words a week later.

So take your fucking "narrative" and shove it up your Tory arse.

Kingbingo said...

At least I can let flow with mine.

Your getting so retentive these days with your new idealogical zeal, (whatever the question the answer is anarchy) you must be getting full of ..........

Obnoxio The Clown said...

There is no ideological purity here, Kingbingo, I'm looking at a man who is professing to care about civil liberties and repealing swathes of authoritarian legislation and snooping databases -- and yet what he actually does is to carry on with exactly the same projects that New Labour started.

The Great Repeal Act is a shambles. The DNA database is largely unchanged. The NHS Spine database is carrying on. The "invasive and intrusive" census remains unchanged. The nannying, hectoring quangos remain un-bonfired. The war on the motorist continues unabated.

The great irony is that you sit there pompously proclaiming my "ideological purity" and "retentiveness" while ignoring your the complete blindness engendered by your tribal instincts. It doesn't matter what shit your man comes up with, lies about, U-turns around or any such thing, because he's a Tory and the Tories are great, innit?

It's not ideological purity that causes me aggravation when the government said it was going to do a whole bunch of things and then doesn't do any of them.

I would even applaud Gordon Brown if he did a useful thing. I was praying for iDave to be different. I dutifully applauded every announcement that I felt was going in the right direction.

But the reality of it is that if the government U-turns on a dozen flagship, easy-to-implement, cost-saving policies in its first month in government, it is the government that's full of shit.

Not me.

Kingbingo said...

If you are so minded to name your top one or two disappointments, it just so happens I'm seeing a Tory Minister tomorrow for lunch, I'll put them to him/her and report back.

But I've had these discussions with them before. You say all these libertarian things and they sit there nodding and agreeing enthusiastically. Then they remind you that they had their arse handed to them 3 elections in a row, they point out that people in this country are very socialist, or at least harbor very socialist opinions and assumptions, so you have to tread carefully.

Of course it is not happening at the pace you or I would like. But with you frankly it sounds like if they hadn’t called in the troops to set fire to every government building in the first night you would still be spitting feathers.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Oh fucking bollocks, Kingbingo.

They did get elected with a promise on all this civil liberty goodness, the Libdems also have a strong civil liberties platform, yet in government, they both just carry on with the same old shit.

And don't give me that crap that it's not happening fast enough for me. I'm not fucking complaining that it's not happening fast enough.

I'm complaining that they've reneged on pretty much every civil liberty promise they made.

And they've done in exactly the same duplicitous way that New Labour would renege on everything: a huge fanfare announcement followed by a quiet U-turn.

Are you really that blind a Tory that you see my complaints of "U-turn" as "not fast enough"?

Or is it just that you, despite the claims of healthy bowels, are the one who is full of shit?

Kingbingo said...

"they've reneged on pretty much every civil liberty promise they made."

They have been in office about 2 months. Seessh! Give them a chance to deliver before you condemn them, if at the end of 5 years things have not improved fine, but a few months!

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Listen you fucking loyalist mong:


Do you fucking understand that when you've said "We're going to kill off the NHS Spine Database" before the election and then you turn around and say "We're not going to kill off the NHS Spine Database any more, we're going to let it continue" after the election, you aren't fucking delaying its demise, you've executed a policy U-turn.

When you've said the census is intrusive and invasive before the election and then go ahead with it exactly as it stands after the election, you've executed a policy U-turn, you haven't delayed something.

When you've said that you're going to end the war on the motorist before the election and after the election your first act is to try and introduce a blanket 20MPH urban limit, that's not a fucking delay to ending the war, it's a new declaration of hostilities.

Do you fucking understand the difference?

Anonymous said...

Good, honest post - imagine how Labour voters feel after realising the same about the last government.

20 MPH on streets where people live seems like a good idea to me - how is this a declaration of war?

Unless "war" = "making it illegal for stupid/careless people to kill/maim careless/stupid people"

Obnoxio The Clown said...

'20 MPH on streets where people live seems like a good idea to me - how is this a declaration of war?

Unless "war" = "making it illegal for stupid/careless people to kill/maim careless/stupid people"'

Spoken like a true authoritarian.

The problem is that if you actually do someone harm, you get a slap on the wrist, whereas pointless laws to entrap people into paying fines and being cowed do nothing to help anyone.

Except those who like to keep everyone else in their proper place. They do it so well that you actually think it's something that's going to help you.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that 20mph in urban areas is an EU diktat. Throughout the Eu campaigns are "spontaneously" springing up for 30kph speed limits in urban areas. [It is somewhere on, I just can't find it at present]

Cameron knows who his masters are, and they are not the British electorate!

Anonymous said...

Another thought. They can promise what they like for the UK Census due in 2021. It will be an EU census by then!