Friday, 2 July 2010

Oh, and ...

Lest you think I'm aiming this solely at Labour out of some misplaced right-wing bile, I'd like to point out that everyone's beloved Tory and Lib-Dem cock-sniffers completely failed to hold the Labour juggernaut in check, and didn't raise an eyebrow when Labour started legislating by statute or when Labour started slashing the time allowed for debate.

So to every MP of every party: you've only yourselves to blame for this fiasco along with the fiasco that is modern Britain.

But to be fair, it is ironic that the party most responsible for the fuckup is the one bleating the loudest.

Hypocritical cunts.


Kingbingo said...

"I'd like to point out that everyone's beloved Tory and Lib-Dem cock-sniffers completely failed to hold the Labour juggernaut in check"

And how exactly where they supposed to?

Labour had a massive majority both in the Commons and in the BBC. They controlled what happened and what the news was. How the fuck nugget were they supposed to 'hold them in check'????

At the end of the day it was the fucking electorate that gave Labour that power, blame those cunts!

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Obnoxio The Clown said...

@Kingbingo: by definition, every opposition has fewer seats than the party in power.

What you're saying is that once a party is in opposition, they can just go and drink Pimms on the terrace at Westminster till the next election?

The BBC is not the only news source. If the Tories had not been such a bunch of pussy-whipped cunts, they could have made a huge fuss about what Labour did, but instead they chose to pick fluff out of their navels.

Fuck 'em. They were useless in opposition, and judging by what they are actually doing as opposed to their high-faluting words, they're fucking useless in government as well. They are been butt-fucked into a cocked hat by the civil service and the NHS, which is not what they're fucking telling us they're doing.

Useless, spineless fuckers.

Kingbingo said...

“What you're saying is that once a party is in opposition, they can just go and drink Pimms on the terrace at Westminster till the next election?”

Of course I’m bloody not. But Tories did kick up a lot of a fuss, David Davis even resigned his seat in protest once in an attempt to get media coverage. He got diddly squat.

Obnoxio, I’m going to take a wild guess and assume you have never worked in politics, or indeed any media related role. Getting your message out is unbelievably bloody hard, the media only ever wants sound bites that fit into 30 second slots.

You make it sound like the Tories were stood idlely looking at the VETO button, but never summoned up the courage to press it. It doesn’t work like that. You can’t reach 60 million people personally, you need the media and they are cunts who insist on dummying everything down to sub-moron level.

The most effective innovation of late is blogs, which does allow right-wingers and libertarians to bypass the media. But you have to be interested enough to actually go read them.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

@Kingbingo: The real problem is that iDave didn't have the balls to do anything that seriously rocked the boat. If he'd encouraged a steady drip-drip of resignations and consequent by-elections or any other sustained program to show that they were unhappy. But mostly, he was happy to shine compared to a dysfunctional madman in PMQs and that was it.

They could have kicked up a huge fuss over and over, I simply do not believe that they are not at fault for this situation. Labour killed the Tories in opposition in the late 90s and damaged their reputation to a point that we had the 97 landslide.

The only reason that the Tories couldn't achieve anything like that was because the Tories were fucking useless then ... and they're fucking useless now.

Kingbingo said...

“Labour killed the Tories in opposition in the late 90s”

You have to remember that the average drone gets fed their RDA of shit from the BBC (ultra Statists) Channel 4 news (Hard Left) and ITV (Soft left).

Remember, Neil H taking £5k to........’ask a question’..........The Tories were crucified by the media for months, literally months. Just look back now at Tory sleaze, it wasn’t actually impressive in terms of corruption or debauchery. But it was made to look like the holocausts on our screens night after night.

Compare that the soft ride Labour has always had from the media. Labour Lords took an average of £100k each to actually change the law, and how long did the BBC run this story that was a thousand times worse than Neil H? ONE FUCKING DAY!!!

I have always said that as much of a threat Labour is, the BBC and its sphere of agenda setting influence is the real enemy in this country. If I could destroy either Labour or the BBC I would choose the latter every time, in a fucking heartbeat.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Nah, bollocks. The BBC is not the only media outlet. The Tories could have pushed harder. If your bland assertion was true, we'd never ever have a Tory government.

Kingbingo said...

The BBC has a massive market share of news coverage, and as I said ITV and Channel 4 are also leftie.

The only outlet which is not out and out leftie is Sky News, but they do not have the clout to set the news agenda the way the BBC does, not even close.

The average drone gets their news from the BBC, it’s that simple. The reason that despite this we sometimes still get Tory governments is because for the average man on the street still has basically right wing instincts, even if he has been filled with soft left statist opinions.

If you need to double check what vile cunts the BBC is stop taking your Prozac now, and Monday morning listen to the Today programme. I guarantee you will burst a gasket.

J Demoderatriou said...

Kingbingostopitstopitstoooopitnononooo,just agree,noooo...ahhh...*POP*...dribble.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Kingbingo, I doubt I'd survive.

John Demetriou said...

Tom Harris - a Glaswegian deep-fried-Mars-bar eating, completely self-unaware cunt. So says I!


Kingbingo said...

"Kingbingo, I doubt I'd survive."

Ah yes, I went on holiday the day you post that. I think you more or less covered the salient points.

Glad you now see the real culpability lies with the BBC or the public, but not gods own Tories :)

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I said no such thing. If there is a media bias (and I believe that there is) the Tories just have to work harder at it.

And frankly, they were too fucking busy gold-plating their duck ponds to do anything.

John Demetriou said...

Have I been over yet to tell everyone that we're going to introduce comment moderation on my blog, along with my felching friend Boatang? Because this is the most important news of the day - far more important than this. Anyone who disagrees with this statement of fact from me, the great libertarian that is Demetriou, is a cunt.

Back on topic, and I also think the Labour Party are cunts. Have I said that before? Probably.


Dr Peperbarmi-mengele said...

Now come along John,back to bed now.

This wont hurt a bit,well not too much,hehehe!

John Demetriou said...

Peperbarmi, I notice the fake Demetriou is giving you a load of abuse on his webshite. Pay no attention - the real Demetriou, for that is me, likes you.


Kingbingo said...

“I said no such thing. If there is a media bias (and I believe that there is) the Tories just have to work harder at it.”

The problem is sir, as Hayek noted back in the 50’s. The best and the brightest of the right go into Business and Finance. The best and the brightest on the left go into Media and Education.

Telling the Tories to work harder at winning over the media won’t work, the people in the media are lefties pretending to be impartial. You might as well ask Labour to try harder at winning over City Traders.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Labour did win over the City traders. For a while, anyway,

But the Tories wouldn't have to win over the media, they'd just have to make a small set of points over and over and over, to anyone that would listen (which is what Labour did in opposition). And they weren't able to do that.

Mama Peperbarmi said...

Yes doc,thats the real JD,hes a sweet boy,not like that vile fake one,Im still very upset *sniff*.

Dr Peperbarmi-Mengele said...

Sorry my mistake,I like you too lad,its Dr Peperbarmi-Mengele by the way.