Thursday 1 July 2010


Sir Hugh Ordure speaks:

"It would be misleading in the extreme to suggest the size of this service is sustainable."

As the ASI says, it is the immediate reaction of any "public servant" to face the idea of cuts to their budget with an immediate counter-attack on how many front-line employees will face the chop, as if that's the only place that cuts could possibly be made.

But thinking about it, for them, that is the only place cuts could be made. Any other cuts are an admission that their shop is not being run properly. Every useless bit of overhead is a sign that someone isn't on top of the game.

And who's going to admit to that?


microdave said...

"And who's going to admit to that? "

Not Sir Hugh Ordure, that's for sure. He would have to stop wasting our money on £500k champagne receptions.

Kingbingo said...

Excellent point sir.

J Demetriou said...


I think Hugh Ordure is a cunt. I think Obnoxio The Clown is a cunt. And together with my fellatio friend Boatang, I'm going to tell everyone on the interwebby that they're a cunt!