Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Carswell is miffed

Poor lamb:

Leon Brittan has been appointed as a trade adviser to the government. Not that the UK government has any real say over UK trade policy. As an ex-Eurocrat, I’m sure Lord Brittan knows that already.

But still, why not appoint as a trade adviser a man whose career saw him help lock UK trade ever more tightly into the sclerotic, high tax / high regulation Eurozone? It could be just the thing to stimulate trade with India and China.

The fact Lord L happens to have been explicitly hostile to the Tory cause in the run up to the last set of Euro elections even gives his elevation an uber moderniser, welcome-to-the-Big-Tent twist.

Moan, moan, moan.

Enough about technocratic appointments. How are those Coalition proposals to make government more accountable to Parliament coming along?

This, ladies and gentlemen, is an elected MP. One with connections, a decent, coherent plan to sort things out, one that has been thought through well in advance and not "on the hoof", someone whose plans and opinions get a reasonable amount of airtime and yet, HE can't change the social democrat juggernaut's direction.

Our elected representatives are completely powerless to make things better or even different. All the visible power is concentrated in the hands of those ministers who have El Presidenté's ear and all the real power is in the hands of unelected quangocrats and bureaucrats. It just goes to show what a pathetic charade the so-called democracy we are run by, is.

Still, it's nice to know that people can still delude themselves by telling us all how a few words in the right ear will make it all better.

Change from the inside!

Yeah, right.


Roger Thornhill said...

"All the visible power is concentrated in the hands of those ministers who have El Presidenté's ear and all the real power is in the hands of unelected quangocrats and bureaucrats."

Indeed, which is why we are stuffed under Cameron, for he is not interested in an ideologically-based stance, only "how can I get and retain power" stance.

He is a soap salesman. He doesn't care who's soap he sells, who to, for what price or if the soap is any good as long as he wins top salesman and collects his commissions.

He has done just that. The UK has handed him a 5 year, no exit on our side, pig-in-a-poke, unilaterally adjustable contract and he is laughing his socks off.

Selling us off to the EU will be done in a heartbeat without a twitch of an eyelid as long as he retains power.

Vladimir said...

It would be the same even if the Conservative Party were completely filled with Carswells and Hannans. They would still have next to no ability to halt the decline. Even if Carswell or Hannan were PM, they'd still do no better than Thatcher - only effective on a few issues, just chipping away around the edges of the vast bureaucracy.

And meanwhile, what do the "politically aware" worry about? Same old, same old: "Tory cuts!!!1!" They're on another planet, one where the winner of the election actually has the power to change things in a rightwards direction.

Kingbingo said...


In their books on the subject they explain they would not use that bureaucracy.

Rationalist said...


The Boiling Frog said...

Good point Obo, have link. Thanks