Wednesday, 4 August 2010

I'd like to take her home


Dick Puddlecote said...

Mmmmmm. :)

Lorne said...

I suppose Harriet Harman prefers to ignore that part of her early life.

Gitane said...

May I point out that many of these ladies you'd like to take home are probably deceased. You rotten cunt fucker. Public school boy obviously.

Anonymous said...

I like Rammstein's version.

Anonymous said...

I quite liked, some years ago anyway, Kraftwerk and about 5 years ago transferred a load of CDs and tapes into MP3 form onto my 16 gb little non iPod thingy. This I then hooked up my car stereo via a mini in-car radio transmitter. My balls still appear to working, when they get the chance, so far.

Anyways, I was in Nurenburg for the Brau Exhibition and was heading back down to Munich on the way to Switzerland and France.

Someone I had known for years, a German brewing consultant, needed a lift back to Munich.

On the way down I put the radio on and the non iPod thingy also switched on, to Autobahn by Kraftwerk, a random selection mechanism in work. He thought it was a set-up and I was taking the piss or even suggesting he had neo-Nazi sympathies. He almost had me stop the car at 150 km so he could get out.

Being called a neo Nazi by a well lubed Bavarian Brewer is something.

I also like Yello