Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Well, yes you are!

So, the chairman of Ipsa believes every MP who has made a complaint about Ipsa – including all of us who took part in a Westminster Hall debate on the subject on 16 June – is a liar.

-- a rather miffed Tom Harris.

Well, Tom, what happened to that EU Referendum that Labour promised us?

What happened to Cameron's cast-iron guarantee?

What happened to the Lib-Dems' pre-election promises?

Etc., etc., etc.

Every single one of you cunts has stood foursquare behind your parties' policies and reneged on at least one each. Legal sophistry aside, how does that make you fucking paragons of virtue then?


Woodsy42 said...

I'm beginning to admire IPSA!
Making these pampered fools in parliament jump the same sorts of hoops we all have to accept, and showing them exactly the same attitude of assumed guilt that government agencies from HMRC down to the council bin inspectors show us.
Long may it continue!

Chugging B+Ds purple spanner said...

Fair post, fair comment etc.

This 'cast iron' bollocks is a load of, er... bollocks.

If you want to call Cameron a liar for something then find something else. As an ex-PR man it is surely not too hard. However any fair minded person realises he gave his guarantee in reference to an upcoming election before the treaty had been ratified. That election never materialised.
By the time one did, it had already been ratified and a referendum on whether or not to ratify was therefore redundant.
The 'cast iron' stuff is simply unfair.

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

What Woodsy42 said. Harris, you scum, you have to prove to decent people that you aren't lying, as decent people assume that all public-sector parasites are lying thieving vermin until proven otherwise. And we need a lot of proof.

Triffid said...

Tom doesn't like comments on his site much does he?

Only 13 comments allowed through - I wonder how many he deleted ? Try it ... try telling him it's because the majority of MP's were incapable of following the Green Book.


Bayard said...

Aren't lying politicians a bit like bears shitting in the woods?

Peter Mandelson's 2.4 million home in Regents Park -- where the fuck did he get the moey for that!!! said...

Remember as well both Tony the Phony and Gordon the Cunt entered Parliament in 1983 on the Labour manifesto of withdrawal from the EU.

These two arseholes had 13 years to deliver this - or were they just lying.