Friday 27 August 2010

What is wrong with people?

I can't understand it. People are so willing to subjugate themselves to the (usually mad) desires of others: Islamic imams, Christian popes, social democratic demagogues, Fabianist control freaks, Common Purpose bullies, small-minded Britishnessers, Europhiliac bureaucrats, militant Atheist cuntards or whatever other fucking nutjob thing drives you.

Why are so few people prepared to just stand on their own and, more importantly, be proud of that fact? Why do people have to subject themselves to some laughable idea of "community", rather than just be an individual who voluntarily interacts with other individuals when it's to both parties' benefit?

And why am I regarded as a "beyond-the-fringe" nutjob for wanting to be this?


Henry North London 2.0 said...

Because most people are sheep, they are content to follow the herd, and have herd instincts.

Us on the other hand are goats and they perceive us as a different species.

It also has to do with education and propaganda. People living on a cheap diet of potatoes and bread and processed food are not as brainy or liable to get pissed off either. Half of them don't understand what the fuss is all about because their IQs are less than 100 Bell curve and all that

Although under EU rules goats and sheep are one.

WV nosed I kid you not ( pardon the goat pun)

KevinWard76 said...

I can't really add much to what Freewoman of England has already said… but I'll try and expand…

People, on the whole, are either too scared or too lazy to think and form their own, individual opinions. It's much easier or safer for them to piggy-back those of others - making them easy to manipulate and influence. This is why propaganda works so well.

Look at what garbage is popular on television. People watch garbage like X-Factor and such like because other people do. They want the comfort of being part of a group and, again, scare of individualism.

Football is another example. The amount of times I have heard people regurgitating opinions they have heard on television and passing them off as their own.

I could go on and on about this subject and probably sound quite scathing in my observations about the general public… but I will just post a link to an article that was in NewScientist last month (hope that's OK):

"…when it comes to music preference, we behave like sheep. Social scientists have long wondered whether other social transformations - including everything from the popularity of a politician to a change in behaviour to mitigate climate change - arise through independent, individual choice, as many people simultaneously come to similar decisions, or instead through influence, as people copy others' behaviours."

JuliaM said...

"Look at what garbage is popular on television. "

Do we have to? *shudder*

gladiolys said...

I think it's a matter of confidence. People feel safer in crowds, the anonymity of being in a mass. It takes a certain amount of self-belief to stand alone... and a certain resilience to hang on to it after several others have tried to kick it out of you (literally).

John Whitley said...

It could also be said that most 'libertarians' are perfectly happy to submit themselves to the authority of the Monarch and Lords. Not to mention any cunt that owns 'properteh'. Worse, they expect the rest of us to follow likewise.

@Freewoman. We're not sheep. We're not goats. We're human beings. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

"Look at what garbage is popular on television. People watch garbage like X-Factor and such like because other people do. They want the comfort of being part of a group and, again, scare of individualism."

And people like to slag if off because the other social side do.

And then people like to slag of people that slag of things because they are conforming *head asplode*

Sometimes people watch something because they like to.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

"It could also be said that most 'libertarians' are perfectly happy to submit themselves to the authority of the Monarch and Lords. Not to mention any cunt that owns 'properteh'"

what is this i don't even.

Wossat? said...

And why are you regarded as a "beyond-the-fringe" nutjob for wanting to be this?

Because independent thinkers who refuse to conform to the meme du jour scare the shit out of sheeple.

Anonymous said...

Yea most of the sheeples would just walk straight into the showers if they where told to do so by a nice middle class lady ,it's for your own good you know.
hsssssssssssssssssssss !

Jill said...

Not everyone wants to be a self-fellating, iconoclastic, snotty bastard?! Perhaps there's something in the evolutionary psychology argument. You must be a mutant. The future of humanity perhaps. Breed, man, breed.

I dunno, in truth. But you won't convert anyone with this post. In fact, you're in danger of sounding as shrill as Richard Dawkins on the subject of God.

James said...

You're all really out there tbh.

It's public education, plain and simple. You're not special, I'm sure you were a Statist at one time, you got lucky.

Anonymous said...

John Whitley 27 Aug 2010 08:48:00 said:
"We're not goats. We're human beings. Get over it."

Spot on.

There really is no excuse not to have a vague grasp of what motivates the behaviour of human beings these days -- there are enough good psychology (and sociobiology) texts available. But ideologues of all persuasions prefer to believe that either their unconvinced audience is somehow stupid, or that there must be some other reason why their (obviously correct and blatantly obvious!) message isn't getting through -- blaming the MSM, the education system etc. etc.)

Spend a bit less time time reading politics, Obo, and a bit more reading psychology. An oldie but goldie which specifically addresses your question is a book which I'm pretty sure that I've suggested you read before. If you have read it, what did you agree and disagree with? If you haven't, why not? ;-)

Kingbingo said...

Just so happens I have some experience of madness. My father owned a ran and private asylum (not the advertised term). And my wife is a psychologist, so I‘ve meet plenty of wackos in my time. Mad people are gripped by an unshakable conviction that they are wholly correct in their psychosis. They do not entertain the notion that they may be ill-informed, they do not question their beliefs, or speculate if they have got it right. They do not respond well to others questioning their beliefs. They just shut the conversation, or divert or become abusive. They use assertions as facts, they explain their reasoning based by using terms meaning the same thing as the terms they are defining.

And sorry to say, but a few months ago you went perfectly mad.

You used to pose questions and discuss them. You used to challenge your own beliefs. You used to build up your reasoning and draw out conclusions. Then one day you suddenly became an anarchist and stopped all of that. You started up with assertions, backed by a fanatical blinkered conviction. You continue to dodge any question of the implications of your beliefs by saying that human ingenuity will solve it, so suddenly having no answer now almost proves your point. You draw false comparisons. You state that your narrow belief set is obvious and therefore immune to proof. You do everything that fanatics and loony’s always do.

In doing so you have started recently started to draw out more and more like minded and sometimes damaged individuals (Rationalist). And best of all your completely oblivious to the madness. I’m just sort of hoping you fall off your motorbike again or whatever kind of bump on the head made you flip in the first place and you go back to normal. I want the old Obo back.

Michael Fowke said...

A lot of people feel scared and lonely if they're not a part of some ridiculous group.

If you haven't already read it, get 'The Fear of Freedom' by Erich Fromm. A brilliant book, dealing with this problem.

Anonymous said...

There ain't no I in TEAMWORK.

The human spectrum. Some of us are good at sports, hard labour, problem-solvers, and of course, the sinners.

Now, it'd be foolish not to think that certain individuals will take the mickey out of the system while others will not be so fortunate.

Yet in the end, we all get what we deserve. Especially the snooty want-evertyhing-it's-mine brigade.

As for being sheep, more like dogs, except some are more loyal than others.

James said...

Real cute Kingbingo.

So, Obo questioned things to the point where he found an answer - reached a conclusion. And this makes him mad?

But you, who refuses to answer the simple questions about why it is ok to use violence adn never has, is not mad?

If you've really had experience with the science of madness, you'd know that most current knowledge on the matter is based upon the odd axiom that statistical correlation = abnormal brain patters, an uninformed axiom and that the mad don't come to a conclusion AFTER asking questions, they never do.

So, that makes you the mad one...

Mama Peperbarmi said...

Obo dear you seem a little sad,I dont think your a "nutjob" ,your a very very clever young man with a unique outlook on life.

Your never going to convince everybody to be an anarchist,certainly not me.

I dont like graffiti and black clothes drain all the color from my face..and I do like to have a bath!...

Love Mama.

Ps,Just ignore Kingbongo,hes jealous.

Anonymous said...

Very good post. You're my new leader.

Trooper Thompson said...

What's it to ya?

Why do you object to other peoples' voluntary ('people as so willing...') interactions?

individuals interacting = society. The meaning of community is much the same as society, although broader, as it is not only applied to humans.

"why am I regarded as a "beyond-the-fringe" nutjob for wanting to be this?"

More like a teenage existentialist! Don't worry, it's just a phase :)

Underwhelmed said...

"And why am I regarded as a "beyond-the-fringe" nutjob for wanting to be this?"

Obviously it is because you are ginger.

Peperbarmi's Nightmare said...

Mama (of the spastic)
You're right about King Bong Bongo Bongo but
1. You can't spell either Your lack of use of apostrophes is atrocious.
2. You like to have a bath, you claim. Be honest, you also like me shitting in your mouth.

English Viking said...

The Pope is not a Christian.

Kingbingo said...

"The Pope is not a Christian."

Sorry but what?....

Chief_Sceptic said...

Because you are a "raving nutjob" ? - in the eyes of the great conforming masses, that is ! ...

I get a lot of grief \ hassle at work, for espousing 10% of what you promulgate ...

I've been variously called : eccentric \ unconventional \ 'not a team player' (that's a real career killer) \ difficult \ 'bit of a maverick' \ etc. ...

Fuck them all !!! ...

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

And sorry to say, but a few months ago you went perfectly mad.

Flaming 'eck Clown, I thought you were always like that. I mean, I didn't notice a change! Honest.

The Pope is not a Christian.

I second that. I think he is a complete charlatan.

I think it's all to do with discernment. A lot of people don't have any. They are just pleased with bread and circuses, or rather Pizza Hut and Simon Cowell. They don't care where it leads them.

Mambo Bananapatch said...

> Why are so few people prepared to just stand on their own and, more importantly, be proud of that fact?

I'm with you.

Mitch said...

You may well be a nut job but you have made me think a lot about the way we are "governed" and I think you have a point!.
I started out kind of right wing cos i hate socialism(too much like insect hives) but I think now I am more like you.
No person in their right mind seeks power over others and nobody should let others have power over them.

Ps I now have a penis extension too!! (ever seen single white female??) cue Psycho music, Clown suit on order.

Chris said...

Oh, this one's dead easy:

Freedom is hard and self-reliance is demanding. Taking responsibility for your own life and actions is something a lot of people would rather not do if another, easier option presents itself.

Max Brooks calls this peculiar abdication of responsibility "...the freedom to point a finger and say 'They made me do it'."

The Barrowboy said...

Obbo has already done whats being suggested in these comments - he has asked a question and people here are discussing it!

People must be so disolution that they have disengaged.

If you ask them if they are upset about MP's expenses - most will say yes.
If you ask them if they beleive organisations that fail their audit should not get any more money - again most will say yes.
If you ask them if, in a time of cuts, we need to review money we spend at all levels, especially that which is sent from these shores - the answer is generally yes.

Then they ignore whats going on with the EU and dont vote for a referendum party, lobby their own chosen "party" for one, or even dont vote at all.

There is no connection between conviction and action any more!

NR said...

Sounds a bit like you're appealing to the independent, self-sufficient community to validate your philosophy, dude.

Willy said...

"Sounds a bit like you're appealing to the independent, self-sufficient community"

Face it Obo, you're screwed.

You live in a socialist, welfare state "democracy".

Your "community" is frowned upon.

The only light i see at the end of the tunnel, is the oncoming freight train.