Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Oh dear:

I wholeheartedly endorse managed anorexia, as to be fat or even not thin is to fail life.

Needless to say, the pitchforks are already out, and people who really fucking ought to know better, are giving it large.

This is a very straightforward thing: Mr Kenneth Tong is a complete fucking cunt. But you know, he's entitled to his opinion that thin girls are where it's at, and he's just as entitled to fucking stupid opinions about medical issues as say, homeopaths.

Just like no-one with any fucking sense tries to cure cancer with an ultra-diluted placebo, no one with any fucking sense is going to take diet tips from a ornamental twat. And if you're stupid enough to do either, well, then, you've fucking earned the consequences, haven't you? He's not fucking holding a gun against any fucker's head and forcing them to become anorexic, is he?

By all means, slag him off, call him a cunt, and point out his monumental stupidity.

But for Christ's sake, don't try to shut him up. Because there is already enough stupid bansturbatory cuntery around.


JuliaM said...

Ahhhh, Twitter! Allowing angry mobs to form in virtual reality...

Woman on a Raft said...

Blimey, it's very early on for Chambers to have run away with Twat of the Year 2011, but that tweet is going to take some beating.

Better to say nothing and be thought an idiot than to tweet and remove all doubt...

Write Mind said...

What a stupid bastard this guy is?

How come so many of these idiots are allowed to be born?

John Demetriou said...

Back on form, son. Love it.