Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Courgettes with pancetta ( #ObosKitchen )

I was inspired a while ago to indulge in cooking, rather than treat it as a chore. Much to my surprise, I've become more and more hooked on it. Those who follow me on twitter will know about ObosKitchen.

Yesterday I cooked something that rocked my world so much, I thought I'd share it on my blog and who knows, it may become a occasional feature. Since it's aimed a blokes or the kitchen-impaired (like me) the kind of food I'll do will be quite simple and much more aimed at taste than looks.

Because I was hungry, I used the following:

1 courgette, sliced into 2", pinkie-thick "chips"
2 small tubs of cubed pancetta (available in the "cold meats" section of most supermarkets - Tesco and Sainsbury's do two small tubs in a blister pack)
1 clove of garlic, finely chopped or pressed
A dozen "mozzarella pearls", which Sainsbury sell in their super-cheap "Value" range
A pinch of coarse ground black pepper

You don't need oil or butter because the pancetta produces prodigious amounts of fat.

Warm a pan to a low heat (I turn the gas down as low as I can) and pour in the pancetta. It should start to sizzle and release the fat. As soon as there is "enough" oil in the pan, add the garlic.

Stir occasionally until the pancetta just starts to show odd bits of browning.

It's very important NOT to let the pancetta cook too far before you start adding other ingredients, or it will become very crunchy.

Add in the courgettes and move everything around so that the white inside of the courgette chips is in contact with the pan. It's a bit fiddly, but worth it.

Make sure that the white surfaces of the courgette all get a bit of golden brown on them.

When the courgettes look mostly golden, drain the mozzarella pearls of their water and then add them to the pan. Crank the heat right up and stir for about a minute. as soon as the mozzarella starts to show signs of melting, take the pan off the heat (and turn the stove off!) and throw the whole shebang into a colander to drain off the fat.

Pour it straight out of the colander onto a plate, sprinkle with a pinch of pepper and tuck in. Not very pretty, but it tasted fucking epic!


sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

I would like this with pasta and perhaps some tomato, oh and perhaps some basil...or some freshly baked bread.


Even my cat is impressed!

Anonymous said...

PLEEZE "HELP ME" For Christ sake

HarryD said...

Fun fact: all of Sainsbury's "basics" range are just things that don't quite meet either normal standards or I believe in the case of smoked salmon trimmings is just their "taste the difference" range repackaged because it wasn't the right size.

Anonymous said...

This Majid Ali character keeps popping up in comment threads all over the place, pleading for help.There's no way I'm clicking on his link though. Might be very dodgy.

On the other hand he might just be locked in a broom cupboard with his netbook, and no phone....

This recipe might also be nice with some cubed aubergine added with the courgettes.Thanks Obo, I look forward to your next culinary adventure.


Michael Fowke said...

You must be out of your mind. Baked beans on toast is about my limit. No real man knows more than that.

Andrew S. Mooney said...

Whenever I read your postings, I do imagine them in a creepy clown-type voice, that then fits with the content. (e.g. The Amy Winehouse postings)

It is then disturbing to have to sit through a recipe with that same voice in my head.

It strikes me that it merits some toasted fresh bread.

John Demetriou said...

Hey, that's fucking ace. Not just the meal idea but that you've found a positive direction. Keep it up.

I am on a diet that involves not eating foods with high carb or sugar content, so this idea is spot fucking bang on for me. Thanks, I reckon I'll have a go at that tomorrow tea time!

all the best


peter crawford said...

Nice but I would omit the courgettes on the grounds that they don't have any actual flavour. Talk about a waste of fuckin' food miles, use homegrown broccoli instead.

Jill said...

Courgette risotto is nice. As is curried courgette with just a standard paste and a bit of honey. The problem with growing courgettes is the bumper crop! Never fails. I don't know how you can call that slimey shit from Sainsbury's pancetta though. Some things are worth paying proper money for.

Anonymous said...

WHAAAT the fucking FUUCK???!!! Obos Kitchen??!!

What's next? 'drizzling' copious amounts of olive oil over your cock, or getting a mockney lithp!
Don't be a cunt Obo! It's what *she's* there for!

Sounds nice actually, might try that. :P

Anonymous said...

disgusting. the blog the cooking the writing and the thinking.
On so many levels it d be tiring and in fact, pointless to list them. If you like what you read, oh well. Keep on.