Tuesday, 9 August 2011

TEA Party this, TEA Party that...

I am increasingly fucking irritated by the habit of socialist twats to ascribe everything to the American TEA Party.

The Taxed Enough Already Party, let's just remind ourselves, is a grassroots movement of American citizens who feel that the federal government takes enough tax from them, thank you very much, and that maybe the government should stop pissing taxpayers' money away on corporatist "bailouts" (transfers of wealth from the poor to the very rich), vanity projects and pork-barrel politics (where a bill gets passed as long as the congressmen who support it get some money passed back to their sponsors and mates.)

The TEA Party is also a reference to the Boston Tea Party, the start of the American Revolution, which was about taxation without representation above all else. Currently, a significant number of American citizens feel that their government spending is out of control and that their votes are not sufficient to counteract what government is doing in their name.

Here in the UK we feel the same, nobody actually feels like government is acting for the people, but rather than do something about it, it's much easier for us to sneer at our lunatic colonial cousins.

I don't know about you, but I don't think any half-way sane person could object to the motives of the TEA Party. It is a direct expression of the will of the people, and it's a direct objection to the way government actually works: government does what it thinks is best, not what the people want it to do.

It is unsurprising that bandwagon-jumping loonies would be keen to rail-road such visible popular politics into their particular brand of statist politics, but that is not what the TEA Party is about.

The latest fucking stupidity I heard was that the TEA Party was being blamed for the downgrading of America's credit rating. Well, that's fucking bollocks:

S&P cut the long-term US rating by one notch to AA+ with a negative outlook, citing concerns about budget deficits.

The agency said the deficit reduction plan passed by the US Congress on Tuesday did not go far enough.

In other words, S&P cut the long-term rating precisely because the TEA Party did not get what they wanted.

People in the UK need to stop venerating the government.

The government takes your money, spends it very badly on delivering things because it's just a way of hiding transfers of wealth from you to multi-national businesses. The government takes us to wars that we have no business fighting, leading us to be responsible for the deaths of thousands or millions of innocent people on the other side of the planet. The government sticks its nose in to things which are none of its business.

All these people who seem to equate society with the government are leading us down a very dangerous path.

Lazy journalists who attack businesses for being tax efficient because that starves the government implicitly seem to feel that the government deserves to have our money for whatever fucking nonsense they want to do next.

Cheerleaders for government spending ignore the fact that most government spending is simply transferring money from you and me into the hands of Accenture, Capita, ATOS, Cap Gemini, Capita, etc.

Stop being cunts and fucking think about what you're saying for a change.


Chalcedon said...

we need a British TEA Party as we too are taxed enough already and 2.5% more to boot. Bastards!

Mitch said...

Start that Party Obo, If you build it we will come (not a euphemism)