Thursday, 22 September 2011

Collective Libertarians

One of the fallacies that I encounter about libertarians is that we're all selfish bastards who can never work together for "the greater good", whatever that might be. But the truth of the matter is that libertarians are absolutely sold on the idea of voluntary cooperation.

And one of the best examples of excellent voluntary co-operation on a libertarian basis can be found over at Anna Raccoon, who has gathered some excellent authors and accepts posts from total weirdos from time to time.

Her blog has been rewarded with a number of prizes at the Total Politics awards, including one of the "best group blogs" awards, an interesting challenge to the well-funded and/or political-machine-backed group blogs like ConservativeHome or LabourList. And Anna herself has also been rated as a top political bloggess in her own right.

It just goes to show that libertarian ideals can provide a viable alternative to clapped-out, boring, yah-boo-sucks tribal politics. Well done, Anna!*

*I'm not remotely jealous of the fact that the boot-faced old harridan thoroughly kicked my arse this year. Honest.


Anonymous said...

You're a big softy really, aren't you?

Mark Wadsworth said...

"bloggess"? Isn't she a "bloggeress"? Or indeed a "blogress"?