Monday, 19 September 2011

Hari kiri

I am absolutely amazed that despite being rumbled for plagiarism, Johann Hari has been able to keep his job at the Independent. I can only assume he has very special photos of Simon Kelner.

But it will, almost inevitably, be a Pyrrhic victory for the fat poof. The media has its dander up, and stories have been dripping out and will continue to do so. The worst to date is how Hari has evidently used sock puppets to attack his critics, particularly one called David Rose.

I struggle to see how the Independent can retain Hari after this, but as the Telegraph blogger Nero points out, it gets even worse. Imagine the Independent retaining an actual racist as one of its leading columnists!

Still, it's good that journalists can hold their heads high, secure in the knowledge that their professional standards and credibility are so much better than bloggers.

The cunts.

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