Monday, 31 December 2012

The Good Burgers of London

As a good burgher of London, I thought I'd share my thoughts on good burgers in London.

Meat Market, Covent Garden

The Dead Hippy is still my favourite burger. I keep going back for more. The rough and ready ambience of the Meat Market also just adds to the fun. Their Philly Cheese Steak is OK and the chilli fries aren't bad, but the burger is definitely superb.

The Diner, Camden

Not a bad burger, but their Philly Cheese Steak is outstanding. Unfortunately, it's only on the menu on special occasions, like Halloween. Also, their chilli cheese fries are superb - the chilli is made with lovely tender steak. Nice atmosphere.

Service was a bit iffy.

Haché, Camden

A bit posh, the kitchen is full of French people gabbling away at each other and you can hear the steak being chopped furiously. An excellent burger, but not quite up to the Meat Market. I suppose it's a different thing, really.

Ed's Diner, off Bond St

Good burger, busier than it deserved, I thought.

Byron, Greenwich

Good burger but despite the waiter's claim, not the best burger I've had. Definitely up there though, and not bad at all for a chain. Nice vibe.

Riding House Cafe, off Mortimer St.

Good burger, but a bit pricey. Nice venue though.

Tinseltown, Great Portland St

Burger was OK, not great, fries were dire. Awful music videos playing. Clearly targeted at a young, R&B-loving demographic.


Anonymous said...

You left out the Admiral Codrington in Kensington!!

Bobski said...

Sorry to necro Obo but The Swan on the Southbank has a pretty damn good burger.

Damian said...

Burger Joint ftw! (just up from Kentish Town Forum)