Wednesday 30 September 2015

#FuckParade - no. Just no.

I see lots of people saying either "it's fine to destroy Cereal Killers" or "why pick on Cereal Killers when there's banks or Subway or Starbucks?"
As to the former argument, I don't see that someone who has risked their finances on something as dodgy as a cereal café needs any violent help in going bankrupt. If you don't like what they're selling, don't buy it. I think my local Portuguese caff sells shit coffee, so I don't buy it. That's the civilised way of doing it. I don't spray "useless barista" on his fucking windows and threaten the sad twats who seem to like his shit coffee.
But the latter argument is far more prevalent, and not just among left-wing thugs looking for ricekrispallnacht. People seem to think that it's OK to vandalise a chain or a bank, because some mythical tax law hasn't been complied with. If you've actually been through Starbucks tax records and you're convinced they've broken the law, report them to HMRC. That's what you're supposed to do. But even if Starbucks HAS broken tax law, a fucking barista has NOTHING to do with it. They're scraping by on a shitty wage and they're not fat cat decision makers. They work hard, deal with twats all day long and don't need threats of violence just because they've taken a job.
If you can't make your argument without threatening innocent people going about their lawful lives, you don't have an argument.
So fuck off and take your cunting parade with you.
Update: credit where it's due


Anonymous said...


One for the memory bank.

John Miller said...

Your update shows just why I've been a dedicated follower for about the last hundred years.

Well done sir.

Dr Evil said...

You have it spot on. Apparently there were several university students and some LSE academics amongst the unwashed throng chucking paint and threatening arson. Nice comfortable jobs or degree courses. And these twats are rioting regarding gentrification of Shoreditch/Tower Hamlets.

alice malice said...

Its nice to see you back,and a fair point made.:)

alice malice said...

Did I mention I've had the most awfullest crush on you for the last ten years and WS utterly gutted when you stopped writing,and I'm just so pleased to see you writing again?