Tuesday 3 October 2017

🎵 Ohhhhhh Jacob Rees-Mogg ... 🎶

It is a depressing indictment of British politics that the left has emotional but untrue articles of faith on its side, and the right has totally capitulated to the forces of statism and authoritarianism.

Jeremy Corbyn has shaken off most of his dusty geography teacher image and is now becoming a polished media performer. His hideously adoring acolytes greet his every utterance as the profound words of some venerable sage, and go round chanting "Tory scum" and "hang the Tories" wherever they go. And it's not an idle threat, I believe that if they do come to power, there will be "justifiable" violence. If someone doesn't die, it'll be lucky.

For those of us who have a job and better things to do than gather every bloody protest march, the pickings are slim. "Anyone but May" was my message to the world when the Tories were picking a leader, and really, could anyone have done a worse job in front of an open goal than she has? She should have absolutely stomped Jeremy Corbyn into the ground, instead she gave him credibility and made him look prime ministerial by comparison.

And her policies are equally repulsive. Mayism is an awful hodgepodge of big state nannyism and nonsensical market intervention. Honestly, when lefties are pointing out that Help To Buy is a terrible idea and Tories think it's the answer, we have gone through the looking glass.

It all came to a head for me when Jacob Rees-Mogg was accosted by a bunch of Corbynista thugs at a Conservative Party Conference fringe event. He calmly spoke plain words of common sense to the idiot who was screaming at him. He told him some calm facts. He pointed out that someone's policies did not inherently make them a bad person, just someone with a different view. I'd love to say it was a Damascene conversion, but it won't be. Shabbir Lakha will doubtlessly go on to great depths as a third-rate politician, knowing righteously in his heart that only Corbynistas know the true path to enlightenment and anyone who disagrees with them deserves to swing from a tree.

How has it come to this? How have blood-thirsty, thuggish, middle-class Corbynistas come to be so devout? Why does no-one on the right have any useful riposte or any balls? How has a backbench politician become a media star for just calmly pointing totally reasonable and sensible things out to a screaming buffoon? Why does the screaming buffoon now have a media presence?

I don't want "Moggmentum". I don't want a leadership cult politician running the show, of either stripe. I was calm, confident competence. I want opposing views to be heard, discussed and tolerated. I don't want this underlying threat of violence that underlies so much of our politics today.

Jacob Rees-Mogg might well hold some awful views, but the people shouting at him hold even worse views. There isn't a politician out there who doesn't hold some awful views in someone's opinion. In my opinion, they all hold awful views. So maybe someone who can actually calmly speak in the face of thuggery, keep calm and have manners is all we can hope for.

Can we have more of this from politicians, please?


Oi you said...

JRM would make an excellent head of the bank of England. Far better than that awful Carney chap. Yes, our politicians have no backbone anymore. Since the rise of the career politician they've all gone to way of greed. God help us all...


TheMadNumismatist said...

It is staggering the lack of potential “Conservatives”. Names being bandied about such as; Loathsome and Rudderless just highlight the vacuum.
JRM is a big C Conservative, but is he really electable? I like BoJo, but rank him alongside Trump as being a Troll candidate; just for the LOL’s. Maybe Gove, but probably too tainted, DD has come up short and not too familiar with many others.
Why do we here little of Steve Baker? Young, telegenic, real world experience, and a true freemarket, small government conservative.
May is probably the most loathsome of them all, and I never thought I would yearn for Cameron, or Osborne, but they seem like statesmen in comparison to this bunch. May’s policies are ridiculous for conservatives, I could never vote for them under her.
I would rather see Corbyn in and watch the place burn to the ground.
One thing that struck me was this weekend’s Football Lads march. Imagine if there was a party with a charismatic leader that enjoyed a pint and a fag they could relate to.