Thursday, 30 October 2008

Spineless little fucks

Colour me outraged:

Prospective MPs may no longer have to give their full address when standing for office, under plans being considered by the government.

While voters should know their MP lives locally, there was a question mark over whether they had to give house numbers or streets, Harriet Harman told MPs.

Actually, I'm beyond outraged. I'm apoplectic. Fuck you, you jumped-up neo-Nazi cunt. Fuck you in the arse, and the eye socket and in every single festering putrid orifice, you fucking fascist whore. And fuck all those fraidy-cat little Himmlers who didn't just stand up and denounce the whole discussion as ludicrous.

You can fucking hide at home you weaselly little cowards, but at some point you're going to have to go to the office, and we know where that is.

Hat tip to the LPUK.


Anonymous said...

At least it shows the government is starting to get afraid of the people. Perhaps it'll motivate them to listen upon occasion.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Fat chance. Next step, assigned bodyguards to protect the guilty.


Anonymous said...

Elections cost money. End them.

Let the government tell you your unnamed MP exists, assure you he lives nearby, and toils endlessly to improve your lot.

A second generic announcement will tell you the EU exists, knows your needs, and the UK government is now their regional agent.

And the EU also works endlessly to improve your lot.

Leg-iron said...

Not to worry. It'll be on a database somewhere. We'll find it on the train.

Then it'll be pitchforks and torches at midnight.

Breaker said...

And then what is stopping concerned members of the public following the MPs home and then posting it on a blog?

(Obviously, one hosted by a company outside the UK).