Thursday, 20 November 2008

Why Labour is crapping itself over the BNP

Tip of the hat to LabourHome for the graphic.

I just loved this comment:

if a right wing voter wants to support a racist party, then Tory rhetoric, their dog-whistle politics, is usually enough to keep them on-side.

A man demanding British jobs for British Workers, yesterday, in front of the unions and all!

Thanks to Leg-Iron in the comments.


The Refuser said...

I note the comment was from the aptly named Andy Pryke!

cornyborny said...

I shouldn't be astonished - this exact strain of moronic "analysis" is grindingly, depressingly familiar - yet somehow I still am. Maybe the capacity of sheer, earnest, utter wrongheadedness to surprise is inexhaustible. What the fuck is happening in the places where Labourhome correspondents' brains should be?

"Left wing voters who are racist get no messages from the Labour Party making them feel welcome. In fact, the Labour Party is so volubly anti-racist that even the government's tough stance on immigration isn't going to counteract that."

How insulated from reality by Marxist dogma and Gordon Brown's lumpen arse cheeks do you have to be to come out with THAT?

I can only surmise that you could wave your hand and click your fingers right in front of Andy Pryke's face and there'd be no reaction.

sperm lewis said...

These attempts at analysis from Alex "the twat" Hilton and his mates remind me of a chimp trying to mend a watch.

WV: 'aridan (Kerry?)

Mark Wadsworth said...

The graphic is totally uninformative, as it merely highlights the areas with the densest populations. You could do a map of the areas with most left-handed people, for example, and it would look much the same.

Secondly, as is well known, the most densely populated areas (i.e. cities) tend to be Labour supporting, and the countryside is more Tory. Which is why on the third chart on LH's article, considerably more than 50% of England (by surface area) is blue for Tory.

And it is well known that the BNP are for disaffected Labour voters.

Roger Thornhill said...


Take Alex's comment and change one word:

"Firstly, there is a strong working class element to LABOUR support, which is reflective of their activists' and leaders' own background, language and campaign priorities.
Secondly, they target vulnerable people and those with a lower level of education. Deprivation, vulnerability and poor education are related factors which can often be found together."

This is why they are so upset. BNP are eating the lunch they stole from someone else in the playground.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Rog, is that from your 'Track Changes On' series?

Tom Saunders said...

Except there wasn't any analysis at all. The piece just asked for everyone's opinion on what they thought the graphic meant, and everyone stupidly jumped to the conclusion that the Tories are racist. That's why Labour will not win the next general election - not on those merits anyway.