Friday, 5 December 2008

Government out of control

So, let's just look at a couple of key points, shall we? In random order:

Government downgrades Serjeant At Arms from no-nonsense military hard man to wittering clit.

Replaces (excellent) Labour speaker with (chippy, useless) Labour speaker, instead of adhering to convention and having a Tory speaker.

Massive cull of centuries of civil liberties.

Arrest of an MP on trumped-up charges. (Partly because we have a chippy, useless speaker, and partly because we have a wittering clit serjeant at arms.)

Databases up the wazoo, all draining massive amounts of money from us, but information about us leaked and leaked and leaked until we stop caring.

Billions of pounds slung at the NHS for worse and worse service and thousands of avoidable deaths; insufficient doctors and somehow still thousands of unemployed doctors.

Police entirely out of control, making up the law as they go along and plastic policemen who are not accountable to anyone useful.

Reams of legislation imported from the EU and gold-plated in a way that arsefucks the British people the hardest.

Corrupt politicians repeatedly appearing in our parliament. No charges ever levelled against any of them.

Banks nationalised at the drop of a hat.

Education fucked sideways, backwards, doggy style and anally fisted by a grizzly bear.

Insane amounts of taxpayer money thrown at pointless, ill-considered, headline-grabbing "initiatives" to zero good effect every day.

And now, this:

Section 6 of the Bank Charter Act 1844 (Bank to produce weekly account) shall cease to have effect.

What does this mean? It means that the Bank of England no longer has to tell anyone how much money they're printing. The government has fired up the printing presses and they're planning to follow Mugabe into the land of totally worthless money.

The IMF is broke. Who's going to bail us out now? I will freely admit that I've been doomsaying since 2001, fully expecting the collapse to happen in 2005. And if it had, we'd be well on our way out of it. But by manipulating, spinning, lying and cheating, the government managed to prop up the facade till 2008. The problem is that it's really fucked us now, because when we they might have been repairing the economy over the last three years, we've they've been fucking it up harder and harder. And this madman has now decided that to fix it, he's going to fuck it up some more by doing even more of the things that broke it in the first place.

And still, 30% of the British population think that "anything but the Tories" justifies more of this.

I am not a religious man, but if I were, I would consider this country to be in a state where God Himself would not have the ability to fix it.


Druid said...

The question is, if the government is out of control, will it ever be fixed properly, as any government which takes its place is not going to remove some of the facts and figures that have helped mask the bad news so well for the past decade?

Anonymous said...

"I would consider this country to be in a state where God Himself would not have the ability to fix it."

Two things:

1. Better countries than ours have gone around the 'U' bend before now.

2. It's not the enemy without the gates you need to worry about, it's the enemy within the gates, actually within our government that we should have worried about.

3. Probably too late now.

I added number three in the spirit of Christmas cheer.

Happy Christmas

Anonymous said...

What I can't understand is, how has it been allowed to come this and how in Gods name is this being allowed to continue?

What the f*ck is going?

Is there anyone who can step in and say enough is enough!

Jack Maturin said...

Gordon Brown is far more powerful than God. He can fix anything.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Obo, you did a perfectly serviceable manifesto a couple of weeks ago. That would fix it. It might take ten years to turn things round, but hey.

Neal Asher said...

One disagreement there, You wrote 'we've been fucking it up' no 'they've been fucking it up'.

Obnoxio The Clown said...


Roger Thornhill said...

We will now see the start of "Grand Theft Gordo".

The rich will pull out of Sterling faster than aliens pulled out of Manhattan when "the bug" arrived.

Well, we have "The bug-up-his-ass" Gordon in "Men in Blag", all set to take our Universe away.

curly15 said...

Probably explains why the official portrait is being kept under wraps then.

Wyrdtimes said...

We should lease London to China for 99 years and get bailed in return.

Or we break up the Union, declare independence for England and start from scratch.

David Vance said...

Well, Obnoxio, I am a religious man but given what Brown and co have been doing, I wonder WHY God would seek to help us!