Thursday, 29 January 2009

Another blogger in the shit

Dave's Part, consistently the only left-wing (and he is very left-wing) blogger with anything interesting to say, is being sued by a Tory activist.

This is the same Tory activist who is suing Recess Monkey. Unlike Alex Hilton, Dave seems to be going it alone, not begging and pleading for help and he also seems to have a firm grip on the fundamentals of the law for his case.

Perversely, this makes me much more predisposed to be sympathetic to his cause, because he's being a man and not a snivelling bitch. But I do think he's being brave, because even Private Eye settled out of court, and they have a fair bit of experience with libel cases.

Good luck, Mr Spart! Oh, and if you do read, this, please put an RSS feed on your blog so that I can link to it!

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It Will Come to Me said...

There is an RSS feed on his blog - in right hand column just above Archives.