Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Losing the will to live

I can't think of anything duller than dragging out this pointless debate any longer.

I'm going to take a few days off blogging to see if I still want to do it.


Dick Puddlecote said...

Are we allowed to like both of you or must we take sides?

How about we call Tony Blair in to mediate? ;-)

Anonymous said...

WV= paucked

somehow this seems..

Bristol Dave said...

Fuck, not another :(

Hope things all get sorted mate.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

@Dick: Feel free. I'm not asking anybody to choose, that is a stupid thing for me to do. I don't want OH to give up blogging. I have enjoyed reading his stuff for 4 years elsewhere.

I haven't asked him to do anything.

OH covers things I don't and when he can be arsed to write his own stuff, it's often very good. It pains me greatly to say this, but on occasion he has written about things better than I could.

All I'm asking for is that people examine the evidence and then see whether it's more likely that he is an overwrought drama queen, or that I'm some shadowy Zionist conspiracist.

I can't believe my own eyes with some of the shit I've read. Mostly, however, I can't believe that so many people have just taken a bullshit artist at face value.

Have they learned nothing from a decade of watching Tony Blair?

OwlHoot said...

I posted on OH's blog before reading the preceding comments in that thread, and must admit things seem rather more nuanced let's say than I was led to believe.

All the same it would be a shame if OH really stops blogging, and I guess that's what pissed me off.

Anyway, as I'm as pissed as a mattress, I'll stop now before I put my foot in it as you Obo appear to have (inadvertently?) done.

Ross said...

I hope you don't quit, your seary goodness is much appreciated every morning.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Thanks for the reply Obo. Excellent, I shall continue believing, correctly IMO, that you are both a superb daily read, and hope that you both carry on doing what you are both clearly extremely good at.

In the words of Norman Stanley Fletcher:

Never let the bastards grind you down

and wv chips in too - hoope (as we aall doo)

Mr. Jolly said...

Personally speaking I don't want to see either of you giving up blogging. I value both your blogs highly. If I had half your and OH's writing skills I'd be doing it myself. As to the current 'situation' I don't know who is in the right or who is in the wrong. I do know however, that if you and (or) OH go silent, it'll be just another little victory for the Righteous and their fellow travellers.

Chris said...

Please don't quit blogging over a spat Obo. A flare up of some old internet drama between you and OH ain't worth it. I hope you both have the sense to chalk this one up to experience and resume (ab)normal service soon.

Rob Farrington said...

We won't mention it again if you don't. Those of us that are still here believe your side of the story, anyway.

If he does come back (and I hope he does), I hope he'll have learned to avoid controversial subjects. If you're a libertarian blogger then you're going to get a libertarian readership. None of your commenters are going to disagree if you say that Gordon Brown is a cunt, or that NuLabour are power-hungry control freaks.

Take a stance on something like Israel though, and you'd better be prepared for genuine debate. And somehow, I don't think OH was ready for something like that. I got the feeling that when not only many of his commenters, but people like you and DK disagreed with him, he was taking it as a personal affront.

OH, mate, if you're reading this - no-one cares if you fuck up as long as you're willing to shrug your shoulders and admit that you made a mistake. People even find it endearing, especially if you can take the piss out of yourself over it.

I'll shut up now Obo, because you're probably losing the will to live again just by reading this!

Anonymous said...

I'm not taking sides; I think it's a little of column A and a little of column B is what's been going on here, puffed up by a community that has never seen online conflict before and wanting some sideshow action. You know who you are, you stupid cunts.

So, quit blogging, Obo. Bin your home internet connection so you're not tempted to restart. Sell your computer and move to Mogadishu.

Or just let it pass.

Quit, and Dolly wins. OH has bottled it already and that's one voice lost to the wilderness.

I can hear the cackling of the fucking Righteous already.

The Hoons.

JuliaM said...

"...I'm going to take a few days off blogging to see if I still want to do it."

Having a break sounds like a good idea.

Deciding you still want to continue blogging is a much better one.. ;)

MrAngryman said...

Dont let the righteous win mate, dont give up holding those wankers to account. Plus this whole spat is a storm in a teacup and will pass

Ming TM said...

For my two penneth as a very new blogger I recon yr man is being a bit soft about all this. There is always a risk with this kind of thing, yes anonymity is desirable but not guarenteed. I can't see that you did this delibaretely and he needs to fuck off and think what he wants to be - if that involves expressing anti Zionist opinions he should accept the risk. I for one will miss your peculiar brand of quality reasoned vitreol - fuck him if he want to take his toys home. MTM

Anonymous said...

Don't rush back!

Barnsley Bill said...

OBO. You are both a pair of girly half men.
Harden the fuck up or change your name to krusty.
What is it about January and bloggers going soft?
Xmas gout attacks putting us all of our strokes?

Chalcedon said...

I hope you don't pack it in!

DavidNcl said...

I want my free Ice Cream. Blog you idle cunt!

old arseburn....still bitter...still bummed said...

OH drops a bollock and tries to deflect the shit. Cunt should work for New Labour. Probably does. I see The Beast of Clerkenwell is trying to imtimidate you also. What a fucking prick that thing is. Fuck 'em, no need to explain yourself to knobs. I think the problem is OH thinking he really is V. Stop watching it so much OH, get a grip, get a life and piss off!

Kippers Dickie said...

United we Stand....
....Divided we Fall.

Thud said...

Plenty of foam flecked keyboards these last few days it seems...all most enjoyable...encore!

Alan said...

your blog is consistently of extremely high quality. As a long time GC lurker your posts there are also well thought out and written. Not quite DSM standard tho'
Things like this happen, move on and move upwards again.

Rob Farrington said...

Hey, Chalcedon - I can't believe that, judging by your avatar, I've found the OTHER Babylon 5 fan!

We should have a few pints together one day, and end the night by saying "Jump...jump NOW!" in a drunken approximation of Kosh's voice (into a beer can for effect, of course).

Getting back on topic, I'm glad that Leg-iron will be keeping the blog going until OH decides to start posting again.

It'll blow over. Time heals all wounds, and all else of that kind of stuff that sounds so trite but is probably true, anyway.

The Penguin said...

No one is perfect, we all make mistakes, no one's shit smells of roses.

The important thing surely is that, as with our friends and loved ones, you appreciate them DESPITE their faults.

I think there's more than enough targets for our anger and rage amongst the Righteous and their fucking retarded supporters without wasting ammunition squabbling among ourselves.

OH's fine blog is under the "new management" of long time contributor Leg Iron, we can hope for the occasional guest appearance or comments from OH (see Mrs Dale's place, he has not left the blogosphere!).

We hope that you get over this soon as well, despite all the hoo haa and the stirring of shit that has gone on.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

You're a mother-fuckin' douche bag, NOX. On his worst days OH can write circles around you and, maybe, that was the real problem. Nobody gives a rusty fuck if you think someone's a drama queen. Drama queen isn't a crime deserving of capital punishment, not even here in execution happy Texas.

You shouted "Fire" in a crowded theater and are so many cans short of a fucking six pack that you don't even get that what you did was major wrong.

You fucking pathetic loser.

Euless, TX

JuliaM said...

"Hey, Chalcedon - I can't believe that, judging by your avatar, I've found the OTHER Babylon 5 fan!"

*waves* Hey, there's one more over here!

"I think there's more than enough targets for our anger and rage amongst the Righteous and their fucking retarded supporters without wasting ammunition squabbling among ourselves."

This is the point, surely...?

Anonymous said...

please make it a looooooooong holiday.

Tuesday Kid said...

It'd be a shame if you stopped. I like your blog. Just see this as a bump.

John Pickworth said...

Anonymous said...

"... On his worst days OH can write circles around you and, maybe, that was the real problem."

Gotta laugh at that... Yes OH could produce some cutting stuff but far too much of his material is either written by others, is simply a photo or video without comment or is straight lifted from other places (often without any credit).

On the other-hand, OBO's stuff has always been consistent and original. Quality counts in this business... not volume.

JuliaM said...

Oh, but give CathyG a break, John.

She says she lives in 'Euless' - would that we all could say the same.. ;)