Sunday, 8 February 2009

Cue the knuckledraggers

Another baby mauled to death by eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil dogs, in this case by a bull terrier.

And a Jack Russell.

So, are the fucking troglodytes who want to stop serious dogs being bred going to call for all Jack Russells to be put down? No? Any chance at all of blaming the fuckwits who trained (or didn't train) the dogs?

An eeeeeeeevil killer dog, earlier


Henry North London said...

It was a staffie Not a bull terrier

You know what the safest dog to have around children?


I rest my case

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I couldn't care less what kind of bull terrier it was, to be honest. People are forever going on about how dangerous this kind of dog is or that kind of dog is. If a Jack Russell gets dragged into the equation, I hope it will rock these cunts back on their feet and make them think for once that any kind of dog can be good or bad, and banning a breed is singularly stupid.

Henry North London said...

I own a Doberman Shes great but she has her moments of stupidity

All dogs do

Anonymous said...

I have a checklist for these situations:
[ ] chav name
[ ] unmarried parents
[ ] ghastly area
[ ] left with dog-owning granny/aunt/uncle at a tender age

It usually works if you get three out of four.

Leg-iron said...

There's been a trend lately for 'hard men' to go around with Staffordshire bull terriers. They look like really hard dogs but unless they're severely abused, they'll most likely lick you to death. As for Jack Russels, you can pick those things up with one hand. Pulling them off anything they attack would be no problem. Just stay behind the teeth.

Staffs and Jack Russels aren't tall dogs. They have short legs too. A three-month-old can't possibly have tormented them and should have been out of their reach anyway.

Something happened in this case that isn't being reported. I doubt the blame lies squarely with the dogs.

wh00ps said...

I'm with leg-iron... it all smells a bit fishy. And for the record I too hope it puts a dampner on the interfering "this dog that dog" nonsense. Just a pity a small child had to die to prove that ANY dog can be dangerous with children if it (and the child) is not PROPERLY SUPERVISED.

Anonymous said...

Leg-iron said:
Something happened in this case that isn't being reported.

It's a little to early for the fourth estate to go Baby P on the situation, but they will - once they are through with the dogs.

The truth will out.

an ex-apprentice said...

Over the past 20 years when we have had babies in the house we have had two labradors. Both were marvellous dogs and utterly trustworthy.

Neither were EVER left alone with a baby.

JuliaM said...

Long before the DDA came into force, there had been baby maulings by small dogs (including some deaths) - it made no difference then.

It'll make no difference now to some idiot who wants to see his name in the papers:

Ross said...

The problem is that the Jack Russell attacked the child with the Staffordshire, so to conclude that this demonstrates that the obvious "dangerous dogs" aren't particularly dangerous is like being beaten up by Ronnie Corbett and Mike Tyson and deciding that this proves that Ronnie Corbett is as dangerous as a heavywieght boxer.

It's true enough that a lack of training and leaving the baby in the reach of the dogs is to blame, but putting stupid and irresponsible people in charge of a Rottweiler is far more risky than putting them in charge of a Labrador.

Anonymous said...

As it happens, I gather that the Saffy was name 'Tyson'.

I'm always very wary of people who call their dogs that. Tyson by name, Tyson by nature, it seems.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Fuck that Ross: when I was a (very little) kid, I was attacked by a Spaniel. These are apparently the best dogs for having round kids. I've heard of kids being attacked by Labradors as well. This is purely stigmatizing the dogs because we aren't honest enough to have a go at the council-house-dwelling fucktards who own them.

I've lived in a house with pukka breeding Staffies, not these little rats you see on the streets and they were the kindest, gentlest dogs money could buy.

I have also lived in houses with Rottweilers which had been taken into care, they'd been abused. A year's worth of training turned them from angry, abused, vicious feral dogs into dogs I would (and have) happy let my daughter play with all day long.

You make any dog into a monster and you can make any dog into a boon companion. It's not the fault of any dog out there.

The Penguin said...

Damn right, it's ALWAYS the fucking sub-humans. Dogs properly looked after and properly trained are fine.

Shame they can't put down the chavs.

The Penguin

Chalcedon said...

I blame the twats who left the poor mite alone with two dogs. Dogs get jealous. They were probably jealous of the baby and the attention he got. Given an opportunity they do something about it. It's no fault of the dogs but idiot humans leaving a baby alone with them. Terriers can be aggressive. The Staffie was bred as a fighting dog FFS! MORONS!

Damo Mackerel said...

The problem with these bull terriers is that they are breed to cause maximum damage. Their jaws are like a locking mechanism that are extremely difficult to prise apart unless you have a crow bar. Anyone that has children shouldn't have one of these dogs around unless there are muzzled.

Also I do agree with Obo that the people who get these dogs are not training them correctly.

Anonymous said...

baby pulls tail, voila le loup