Sunday, 1 February 2009

Free at the point of delivery ... kinda!

But do we really need all this:

* Communications Assistant
* GP Directorate Manager
* PA to Medical Director and PEC Chair
* Assistant Director Commissioning & Informatics
* Medical Directorate Administrator
* Strategic Programmes Director
* Primary Care Manager
* Public Health Project Manager
* Primary Care Commissioning Officer
* Long Term Conditions Administrator
* Resuscitation Educators
* Communications officer (media & campaigns)
* Senior Primary Care Commissioning Manager
* Long Term Conditions Commissioning Manager
* Commissioning Officer
* PA to Head of Urgent Care
* PA to Primary Care Commissioning
* Head of Urgent Care
* PA to Director of Commissioning & Informatics
* Head of Clinical Quality (Commissioning)
* Lead for Quality of care in care homes and End of Life Care
* Locality Manager - Children's Community Service
* Admin Support Primary Care Commissioning
* Information Governance Manager
* PA to Commissioning
* Public Health Strategy Manager
* Acting Co-ordinator (Substance Misuse)
* Liaison Officer
* Senior Administrator & Project Support
* Primary Care (GP) Support and Development
* Commissioning & Information Directorate
* Public Health Nurse Consultant
* Primary Care Development Manager
* Intermediate Care Coordinator
* Chief Executive
* Communications Officer
* Acting Deputy Chief Executive
* Director of Strategic Development
* Associate Director of HR
* Assistant Director of Information
* Primary Care Development Manager
* Clinical Governance Admin Support
* Knowledge Services
* Director of Primary and Community Services
* Public Health Analyst
* Public Health Intelligence Team
* Administration Support Officer
* Sexual Health Commissioning
* Service Development and Market Management
* Commissioning Project Officer
* Mental Health Commissioning Team
* Temporary Clinical Quality Administrator for Primary Care Independent Contractors
* Primary Care Support and Development Manager
* Clerical Officer
* Senior Administrator & Project Support
* Primary Care Commissioning
* Assistant Directors Commissioning & Informatics
* Core Learning Administrator
* Employee & Organisational Development Team
* Long Term Conditions Administration Officer
* Public Health Administrator
* Sexual Health Development Manager
* Clinical Governance Administrator


AntiCitizenOne said...

I hope you like my info-blog national death service it covers similar topics.

JuliaM said...

Suspend the lot for a fortnight, and compare the deathrate to the previous fortnight.

If it hasn't gone up, then 'No'... ;)

Mitch said...

These people are just barriers between you and the drs bit like the flappers in gulliver.

JPT said...

We need all this to keep unemployment down. (joke)

marksany said...

another way:

The Penguin said...

Or the two cunts at the top of "NHS Services" on temporary contracts paid over a million quid between them.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

I suppose it gives us someone to blame when people die. Drs and nurses can't be blamed as they are perfect.

Chalcedon said...

Not one of whom actually treats patients. Although one or two laboratory positions are mentioned and these people analyse samples and provide results so help the physician diagnose and treat. Plus a nursing post or two. The rest are just froth on the beer. Unfortunately the froth seems to equal more than half a pint!

Chief_Sceptic said...

That list is truly gob-smacking ...

I can truthfully say that my gob has rarely been so smacked ! ...

What the fuck has happened to the UK ? ...

Happy(ish) ex-pat here ! ...