Monday, 2 February 2009

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Very important issue raised by Carlotta. I'd been meaning to blog on this, hadn't got round to it and find myself spared the trouble by someone who has summed it up very well:

What happens to the law surrounding home education is not just of concern to home educators. In seeking with the help of the NSPCC to control home educators, the state will in effect appropriate the duty to educate and raise all children in England. Every English parent everywhere, schooling or otherwise, will no longer be responsible for ensuring the education and welfare of their children.

If you doubt this, read the questions in the recently instigated home education review, eg:

"Question 3: Do you think that Government and local authorities have an obligation to ensure that all children in this country are able to achieve the five outcomes? If you answered yes, how do you think Government should ensure this?. If you answered no, why do you think that?"

(The 5 outcomes eg: enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution, be safe, be healthy, are actually ambitions, not targets...see Every Child Matters...and LAs have NO legal duty to do anything other than to cooperate to promote these ambitions...see Section 10 Children Act 2004.)

It would help if all parents, not just home educating ones, would respond to this review with a resounding "bog off".

There is a draft response here, if anyone needs any ideas.

Join me in telling the government to wind its fucking neck in.

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