Friday, 13 February 2009

Informix Roundup: 13 Feb 2009

Whatever happened to Pinnochio?

Support programmer job in LA.

XSQL Documenter supports Informix. (I have to mention SQLSpec again.)

PHP tutorial script.

Informix will be at CeBIT 2009. Ve haff vays und means, ja?

Interesting perspective on Wal-Mart. (Not really anything to do with Informix.)

IIUG survey on an Informix Academic Initiative.

Nessus database auditing supports Informix.

4GL programmer job in Salt Lake City.

Ex-Informixer gets a name check.

DBA job in Nigeria. Comes with a free 419 scam. :o)

DBA security consultant job in Westlake Village.

Jerry Keesee speaks English with a Czech accent.

Using the Mac for JEE development with Informix. (Apparently, he was wearing the wrong SOCKS.)

DataPipe supports Informix.

DMSuite supports Informix.

HiT supports Informix.

4GL programmers wanted.

Some useful stock advice. (Only tangentially related to Informix.)

The Informix Books blog.

SQLAPI++ supports Informix.

GoAnywhere supports Informix.

Informix runs on the Amazon cloud.


sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

You're using big words again, Mr Clown. Oh that there was something similar for the rest of us.

DaveA said...

Obo's SQL wankfest? You would not know a korn from a perl on the OS. You brainless cunt.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

@DaveA: that's what I keep telling them, but they keep hiring me!