Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Justice for Lord Ahmed

Via the Bristolian, I see that Lord Ahmed, summoner of the Islamic hordes, denier of free speech and convicted killer has had sentence passed upon him today. TWELVE WHOLE WEEKS in stir for killing someone by driving without due care and attention.

I wonder if the Mad Mullah of the Talivan, who claims that drifting over the speed limit is like drifting a knife into someone will be as vociferous in his complaints about an actual death caused by someone driving dangerously? Especially since, as Bristols points out, a recent, very similar case, was punished by TWENTY-ONE MONTHS in stir, which was widely seen as derisory for avoidable manslaughter.

Could this be yet another case of one rule for us, another for our Lords and masters?

An unspeakable cunt, earlier.

Update: Everybody seems to be saying pretty much the same thing, but Blaney reckons that at least Ahmed's sentence is longer than Ted Kennedy's.


Dungeekin said...

No doubt he'll sue the estate of the deceased for compensation.

Proles shouldn't get in the way of the Labour Elite.


Mark Wadsworth said...

You beat me to it.

Rugfish said...

The cunt!
Someone should fucking do him in on the inside for that!

There is only one law by the way and it applies to only us.

His 'prison cell' will not be too dissimilar to the inside of a 5 star hotel room the fucking cunt !

John Collier, John Collier - the window to watch! said...

As the saying goes:

If you want to kill someone and get away with it, do it with a car.

Dave H said...

He was only convicted of dangerous driving, for which this is a relatively severe punishment. God (sorry, Allah) knows how he avoided being charged with the more serious offence of 'death by dangerous driving.'

Rugfish said...

Yeah but it doesn't matter if he's innocent does it?

That just makes him an innocent cunt who should be deported surely?

He 'looks' like a cunt, talks like a cunt, drives like a cunt and he's a Lord, so he MUST be a cunt.....surely?

PLUS, he killed a poor Slovakian aslylum seeker ( stroke ) immigrant type of person, so he IS a cunt and surely he must be deported just for being a cunt?

Makes sense to me....?

Ross said...

And Lord Ahmed is responsible to the revival of Crossroads a few years ago. Is there no end to this bastards wickedness?

The Penguin said...

What? Crossroads?!!!

Throw the fucking key away.

The Penguin

Mitch said...

I hope some huge con makes him his squeeze for his term and widens his horizons so to speak.

BRICKBAT said...

this march i go back home to my council sink estate with memories
of the greatest childhood a man could ever have and meet my chav lunatics kids all fucking five?
plus another three from the dole scrounging slag?(thats why i fucked off).
We´ve got a fucking chav fucking army who are ready to pack away any new packsters on the block?
krusty, believe in those sink estates are fortresses?
and the old men have expierience because they fought it

Anonymous said...

Please try and get some of your facts right. He was neither charged nor convicted of an offence of causing death, so to compare his case with that of an offender who did face such a charge just makes you look stupid.

He is NOT a "convicted killer", and his sentence is in fact heavier than usual for the offence to which he pled guilty.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Ahhh, Dolly. So how come he wasn't charged with killing someone? Is that the McGuffin?

Fidothedog said...

My copy of The Shawshank Redemption is on the way for him.

I do so hope he runs into the "sisters"

Learned Fool said...

Wasn't there a plea bargain to ensure he wouldn't face trial in relation to Gombar's death?